Sunday, September 16, 2018

JR Newsletter: 16 September 2018 (411)

Jim Koenings wrote:

Last  Call  for First Reeded  Edge   Half Dollar  Census

Jim Koenings is reminding all JRCS Members to send him their Census information for Reeded Edge Half Dollars prior to October 1, 2018.

JRCS Members may request a form to fill out by emailing Jim at bustcoin1(at)

There are 56 known die varieties, of which 18 are rated R-4 (76 to 200 known) or rarer, including two die varieties that are one known of each.  With JRCS Members’ help, we will discover which die varieties are tougher to find than others.  Currently, 31 die marriages are tied for 9th and 10th place in the Preliminary Census for Reeded Edge Halves.  If you own more than 16 die marriages, your census may make the Top 15.

Please email your census to bustcoin1(at)verizon.netor you can mail a hard copy to:

            Jim Koenings
            P.O. Box 2382
            Riverside, CA 92516 

The results should be posted in the December 2018 JR Journal.

Brad Karoleff wrote:

Here are the first installments of the Logan library.

The first response to me at will receive the book at that price plus the cost of either book rate USPS or Priority, your choice.

1.  Bust Half Fever First edition with a "Logan" clear plastic cover.  On the "Notes" page near the end of the book there are numerous autographs of the JRCS annual meeting at the 1995 Anaheim ANA.  Many departed BHNC, JRCS members are present including Elton Dosier, Olie Carter, "Swampy", Dale Heisler, Ivan Leaman, and Ken Lowe from Money Tree.  JRCS HOF members signed include Ed Price, W D Perkins, John McCloskey and Brad Karoleff.  32 autographs total including-

James Stephen George Boggs along with a hand drawn illustration of an 1833 bust half, Boggs 1-A!

Original Boggs artwork is scarce and highly desirable.  $500.

2.  Early US Dimes 1796-1837 by the 5 famous authors.  A near mint copy of the dime attribution book from the "back" of Russ' library.  $250.

3.  The Norweb Collection, An American Legacy by Michael Hodder & Q David Bowers.  This copy is autographed by both authors and is numbered as 34/100 so signed.  A nice hardbound book in near mint condition.  $75.00

4.  United States Ten Dollar Gold Eagles, 1795-1804 by Anthony J. Taraszka.  This is a beautiful hardbound nearly mint condition book.  A limited errata is included inside the back cover.  $100.

5.  The Ultimate Guide to Attributing Bust Half Dollars by Glenn R. Peterson, MD.  This is the spiral bound edition in near mint condition.  This will serve as a wonderful working copy for any collector.  Errata page is tipped in.  $50.

6.  Commemorative Coins of the United States, A Complete Encyclopedia by Q David Bowers. The hardbound edition Autographed to Elizabeth Gray by Bowers.  A near mint copy.  $40.

7.  Abe Kosoff: Dean of Numismatics by Q David Bowers.  The hardbound edition signed by Bowers to Russ.  Near mint condition.  $40.

8.  American Numismatics before the Civil War, 1760-1860.  A hardbound book by Q David Bowers signed on the bookplate stating this is copy #325. Near mint condition $40.

9.  The Rare Silver Dollars Dated 1804 and the Exciting Adventures of Edmund Roberts by Q David Bowers.  The hardbound limited edition signed by Bowers on the bookplate in near mint condition.  A tip in of a Coin World article from Russ.  $40.

10.  United States Patterns and Related Issues by Andrew Pollock, III.  This is the current definitive work on patterns and this hardbound book is in excellent condition.  Russ has tipped in a few notes and articles on items he found of interest.  $50.

That's all for this week.  I will be out of town the end of the month so the next installment will be the second week of October.

Please remember to send some information for publication in the next journal.  

If anyone needs eyes on coins from the upcoming Legend auction in Las Vegas, I will be there.  Drop me a line.

Brad Karoleff

Please find attached a press release regarding Legend’s 28th Regency Auction, being held on September 26 and 27 in Las Vegas as the official Auction of the PCGS Member’s Show. An impressive sale is anchored by the Konstantine, Sommelier, and Hallett Collections. A list of highlights is presented in the release.

For numismatic information, please contact Greg Cohen, senior numismatist at greg(at) For images, please contact Patrick Braswell at Patrick@(at)

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

Greg Cohen
Senior Numismatist
Legend Rare Coin Auctions

Sunday, September 9, 2018

JR Newsletter: 9 September 2018 (410)

Bob Feldman wrote with a question about 1827 bust dime emission order:

Topic: 1827 Dime emission order

I read on the internet that the 1827 JR14 Dime was struck after the JR1 and before the JR2. I have in my collection an 1827 JR1 Dime PCGS XF40 late die state that has a light die bulge connecting stars 1, 2 and 3 visible when tilted back and forth under light. It has the later state recutting of the digit 7. On my 1827 JR14 PCGS VG8 I can not find any die sign of a die bulge connecting the stars. This tells me the JR14 (2 known) was the first Dime pairing struck in 1827. 

Does anyone have any additional info on this?

Bob Feldman

Brad Karoleff wrote:

The fall issue of the John Reich Journal is beginning to show some life with a couple submissions. We do need additional articles to fill it out in time for a November publication. Please send something for inclusion. 

I also recently picked up a group of books from the Russell Logan library. Brenda was doing some house cleaning and has decided they need to find a new library for their home. 

We have decided to give JRCS members the first opportunity to purchase them. I will be listing a few each Sunday in the newsletter beginning next week for your consideration. There will be no “private” sales, all will be listed here. First response in my inbox will purchase the lot. Postage will be additional with buyers choice of USPS book rate or priority mail flat rate box. 

I have glanced at the contents and there are many basic die marriage manuals covering both copper and silver issues, auction catalogs from important silver sales including some deluxe editions and other titles of interest for the advanced collector. 

If a lot does not sell I will relist it later at a discount. 

This will be a unique opportunity to purchase a book for your collection from the library of one of our founders and a JRCS Hall of Fame member. 

Brad Karoleff

Sunday, September 2, 2018

JR Newsletter: 2 September 2018 (409)

Our first contribution today includes some reminiscencing from Gawain O’Connor:

 Hi Richard,

I found your note from 2005, when I signed up for the newsletter:

>You are now on the list. Thank you.  I include the first issue which went out Sunday below.
 >I also collect 1795 halves by variety.  I lack O-101, O-118 (if it exists at all), O-123 and O-132. It's nice to meet a kindred spirit.

I see that a O-132 is coming up for auction. I'm already outbid, but thought you might like my notes on the other one -

It turns out it has been seen since 1929.

1795 O-132 (T-27) Beistle 10-C.  Beistle describes this as “Exceedingly rare; the only one I have seen and believe it to be unique.” James Matthews wrote an excellent summary when the second example was discovered in July 2000. In his article, Mr. Matthews makes the case that the coin pictured in Beistles’s book is actually from the collection of Colonel Green. He assumed it could be in Eric P. Newman’s collection after that. But it did not show up in the sale of his collection. Steve Tompkins’ book provides a clue to what happened to the original coin. The B. G. Johnson (St. Louis Stamp & Coin Co.) invoice to F. C. C. Boyd 1942 ($32.50) shows who purchased it.

Checking the Newman Numismatic Portal for the F.C.C. Boyd sale - It appeared again in the Numismatic Gallery (Abe Kosoff) Sale No. 31, April 14, 1945 as lot 43 with a very terse lot description and an estimate of $25 – the price realized was only $15.

Does anyone know who bought it? I see W. David Perkins has some of the bust dollar information from this sale...



Rich Uhrich followed up his contribution from last week with additional information:

 In addition to the Bust Halves I posted last week, I also have three Bust Quarters in Heritage's Long Beach auction, as follows:

Lot 3550 is an 1825/4/(2) with the "E" counterstamp in NGC AU-50.  As many of you know, the 1825 "E" is by far the rarest of the four 1815 and 1825 "L" and "E" counterstamps. It is a nice coin but not as nice as the ones shown at the Bust Quarter Collectors Society meeting at ANA.

(The headline coin for this week’s JR Newsletter is this “E” Quarter!)

Lot 7274 is an 1806 B-7 in PCGS Genuine.  It has VF details but that is not on the holder.  I owned the coin quite a while and have yet to determine why it is in a Genuine holder, as I can't see anything wrong with it.

Lot 7276 is an 1831 B-3 which is an R5 variety.  It is a PCGS AU-53 with slight prooflike surface.

Thank you, 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

JR Newsletter: 26 August 2018 (408)

Steve Herrman wrote:

Congratulations to Garrett and everyone on a great presentation!

The YouTube video has been converted to MP4 format, and is now also available on the JRCS website from the top left menu icon under Resources -> Educational Presentations.



Carmen J Scoppa II wrote:

I have come across an interesting counter stamped coin and I am trying to find out more about it. I am surprised to find such a large denomination coin counter stamped. From what little I have found, I believe it was counter stamped post-Civil War and most likely done near Akron, Ohio. Have you encountered a counter stamp like this in your collecting experience?

Rich Uhrich wrote:
I have consigned some half dollars at the Heritage Long Beach auction, and would like to mention them in the JR Newsletter because they are rare varieties or rare die states.

Lot 3100 is an 1806/5 O-104b which has a four-star break on the obverse and two cuds on the reverse at UN(I)TE(D).  It is an R7 die state and is XF40 PCGS.

Lot 3103 is an 1823 O-113 which is a High R6 in VG8 PCGS.

Lot 3646 is an 1805 O-104a which has a four-star break on the obverse and it is a High R6 die state and is F15 PCGS.

Lot 3651 is an 1806/inverted 6 O-111'b' which has two cuds on the reverse at UN(IT)E(D) and it is an R7 die state and VF20 PCGS.

Lot 7354 is an 1805 O-112'a' which has a cud at STATES on the reverse and correspondingly weak "18" on the obverse.  It is an R6 die state and VF20 PCGS and is pedigreed to the Jules Reiver Collection (Editor's Note:  This coin is today's "Headline Coin" at the top of the blog)

Lot 7357 is an 1806 O-120a with an internal cud on the shield.  It is an R5 die state and is VF35 PCGS.


Sunday, August 19, 2018

JR Newsletter: 19 August 2018 (407)

This is our first issue of the JR Newsletter post-ANA 2018.  Readers who attended the show are likely re-adjusting to getting back home. Hoping that others share their ANA experiences in the upcoming weeks!

Garrett Ziss wrote:

The JRCS completed a video project this past week at the World’s Fair of Money in Philadelphia.  This group project contains important information about our club as well as an overview of each of the early U.S. silver denominations.  

The video has been posted on the popular numismatic YouTube channel, Numismatics with Kenny. You can view it at Thanks to Kenny Sammut for supporting our JRCS video.

We hope that this outreach project will attract new members to our club.  Please share this video with anyone who is interested in learning about early U.S. silver coins or in joining the JRCS.


Garrett Ziss
JRCS #1465

Richard Meaney wrote:

At the JRCS membership meeting, I announced that JRCS President Bradley Karoleff had been selected to membership in the JRCS Hall of Fame.  Brad is a researcher, author, and longtime editor of the JR Journal, among many other notable accomplishments and contributions to the JRCS and numismatics in general.  As this announcement was a surprise to Brad, he was speechless for a moment…an R-8 moment at that!

The presentation by David Finkelstein and Chris Pilliod on the metal composition of early US silver was phenomenal!  I appreciated that the information presented was the result of many YEARS of research (with more to come)!

I spent my week working at table 741, where David Perkins and Jim Matthews had a variety of coins for sale.  Jim had two cases of coins, whereas David had six. We were right next to the table of Gerry Fortin and his assistant, Dan White.  As you might guess, our area was pretty busy. If someone was looking for early/bust silver, seated coins, and gold, they found their way to our part of the bourse. I really enjoyed working behind the table, interacting with customers, interacting with fellow collectors, and talking about half dimes with like-minded collectors.  


Sunday, August 12, 2018

JR Newsletter: 12 August 2018 (406)

Many JR Newsletter subscribers are heading to the ANA Show in Philadelphia, yet there will be a a number of collectors who have to enjoy the show vicariously.  Here’s an advanced-notice plug to those who will attend the show: take some notes and share with us when you return from the show!

A final reminder from Brad Karoleff:

The John Reich Collectors Society General Meeting will be on Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 8:00 AM in room 117 of the Philadelphia Convention Center.  All JRCS members, interested non-members, and their guests are welcome to attend.  The educational session will be one you will not want to miss!


First Reeded Edge Half Dollar Census

Jim Koenings is reminding all JRCS Members to send him their Census information for Reeded Edge Half Dollars prior to October 1, 2018.

JRCS Members may request a form to fill out by emailing Jim at bustcoin1(at)

There are 56 known die varieties, of which 18 are rated R-4 (76 to 200 known) or rarer, including two die varieties that are one known of each.  With JRCS Members help, we will discover which die varieties are tougher to find than others.

Please email your census to bustcoin1(at)verizon.netor you can mail a hard copy to:

            Jim Koenings
            P.O. Box 2382
            Riverside, CA 92516 

The results should be posted in the December, 2018 JR Journal.

Nathan Markowitz wrote:

Looking forward to the ANA and seeing the "usual suspects" as Bill Luebke liked to call us collectors.  I will have a case this year at table 955 (Eugene Coin) with a nice group of early silver, copper, and a few odds and ends...many duplicates from my own collection now seeking new homes.   Please stop by to show off your latest treasures or just to say hello. 


David Perkins wrote:

Many of you will be heading to the 2018 ANA World’s Fair of Money Convention in Philadelphia over the next few days.  Gerry Fortin, Jim Matthews, Richard Meaney, and I are getting ready to head out also.  We have two corner tables in the center of the bourse – Tables 741 and 840.  Please stop by, say hello, and look at our large inventory of early U.S. Silver and other coins.  

We will have on hand the Sealed Bid Capped Bust Half Dime and CB Dime Lots for viewing.  The sale closes on Friday night at 6:00 PM EST.  If you don’t have the catalogs and would like one, the other, or both please send me a note at wdperki(at) and I will be glad to forward a copy to you.  I will also have my inventory of half dimes and dimes, including a 1794 Half Dime ex. Pittman-Price in PCGS AU58 CAC, a beautiful 1796 DB Dime in PCGS MS63 CAC along with 1797 and 1798 Dimes in AU58.  Many of these coins new and are not yet on my website.  I also have a fair number of Early Quarters, Half Dollars, and Dollars.  

We will also have the remaining Fixed Price List Lots from the half dime and dime sale.  35 of the 40 CB H10C were sold in the first 3 days (!) along with 5 of the 10 CB Dime Lots.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for to get to this show!  It should be a great one.  

Hope to see you there!  Thanks.

W. David Perkins
Centennial, CO

Cell 303-902-5366


Finally, a note from the editor:

As David Perkins wrote, I will be available at his table for the entire week.  If you have a capped bust half dime that you want an opinion on as to die stage, die marriage, die remarriage, valuation, or just want to discuss your coin or half dimes in general, please stop by and say hello. The best part of the ANA Show for me is talking with fellow collectors.  Tables 741 and 840 will be my home away from home for the week.  I hope to see you there!  


Sunday, August 5, 2018

JR Newsletter: 5 August 2018 (405)

Last week, Dave Wnuck shared with us a photo of a love token made from an 1831 half dollar.  Ken Sowinski wrote to say what many of us were thinking, “Wow!!  The workmanship on the Half is amazing!!”

Barry Sunshine wrote with an opportunity for those of you who will attend the ANA show in Philadelphia:

For the upcoming ANA, I am pleased to announce that the Easton Collection will be displaying several of its Capped Bust Half Dimes, Dimes and Quarters for all to view.

My collecting goals were to acquire coins that have that original toned look with great eye appeal.

The coins will be displayed at Eye Appealing Coins, table 929 for all to view. I appreciate that the Eye Appealing team has allowed me this opportunity.

I hope you have a chance to stop by and view some of the coins in my cabinet.

Hope to see you there.


A reminder from Brad Karoleff:

The John Reich Collectors Society General Meeting will be on Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 8:00 AM in room 117 of the Philadelphia Convention Center.  All JRCS members, interested non-members, and their guests are welcome to attend.  The educational session will be one you will not want to miss!


Greg Cohen wrote:

Legend Rare Coin Auctions is proud to announce that the firm will be selling the Konstantine Collection of Capped Bust Half Dollars, the #1 PCGS Registry Set of Major Varieties 1807-1836 in its upcoming Regency Auction 28 in Las Vegas.


From the editor:

The notes from Greg Cohen and Brad Karoleff prompted me to remind readers that ample opportunity exists at the World’s Fair of Money (The ANA Show) in Philadelphia.  Not only will there be hundreds of dealers offering all sorts of coins that members of the JRCS tend to seek out and a variety of educational programs and club meetings to attend, but there will be a few specialists’ auctions too.  Sheridan Downey will have an auction of half dollars.  His auction closes on Wednesday.  Sheridan’s website is  David Perkins will have an auction of bust dimes and half dimes.  His auction closes on Friday.  David’s website is

Sunday, July 29, 2018

JR Newsletter: 29 July 2018 (404)

Dave Wnuck wrote:

Yesterday I picked up a really cool collection.  It was a bit of a time capsule.  It was formed by a president of a small bank in New England, who was employed from the 1920's through the early 1960's.

He obviously was a bit of a collector.  He must have had his tellers put aside any unusual coins and paper money they came across (there were 3 1907 High Relief $20's, for example!).  

Among the neatest items was this, though.  It is an 1831 Bust Half that was made into a love token.  Fantastic workmanship, right down to the reflections of the boats and the building in the lake.

I have never seen one so fine, so I thought I would share it with the JRCS membership.

Dave Wnuck


Brad Karoleff wrote:

The latest issue of the John Reich Journal has been printed, stuffed in the envelope with postage and is waiting for the mailman on Monday afternoon.  Everyone can expect to receive their copy late in the week.  If you do not receive yours by then please drop me a line at bkaroleff(at) and let me know.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the convention.  Travel safely.


The John Reich Collectors Society General Meeting will be on Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 8:00 AM in room 117 of the Philadelphia Convention Center.  All JRCS members, interested non-members, and their guests are welcome to attend.  The educational session will be one you will not want to miss!


Sunday, July 22, 2018

JR Newsletter: 22 July 2018 (403)

Brad Karoleff wrote:

The John Reich Collectors Society General Meeting will be on Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 8:00 AM in room 117 of the Philadelphia Convention Center.  All JRCS members, interested non-members, and their guests are welcome to attend.  The educational session will be one you will not want to miss!


Mike McDaniel wrote:

Family Vacation Road Trip Weaves Historical Sites and Numismatic Pursuits

My family recently completed a 5000-mile road trip during the two weeks surrounding Independence Day. That may sound like a daunting task to some people, but we enjoy getting out on the road and exploring our great country. We visited historical sites along the old California Trail (now Highway 80) as we drove from our home on the Monterey Bay to the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky.  In that same historical spirit, we also included numismatic visits that allowed us to meet several JRCS members that I had previously known only through articles in the JRCS Journal, correspondence, or phone calls.  My family enjoyed the trip and I was able to add several new die varieties to my collection in the Capped Bust Dime, Quarter, and Half Dollar Series.  I sincerely enjoyed spending time with fellow JRCS members Brad Karoleff, Jim Matthews, and Dave Perkins.  They were generous with their time and were fun people.

We caught up with Brad and Jim at the Cincinnati Numismatic Association (CNA) summer coin show in Sharonville, OH, the weekend before July 4th.  As my family paid our admission to the show, the CNA President, David Heinrich, introduced himself and asked my six-year-old son Jonathan if he collected coins and if so, what is his favorite type?  My son affirmed that he does indeed collect coins (he’s been attending coin shows since he was in a stroller) and he stated that his favorites ones are Mexican 20 Centavos.  That delighted Mr. Heinrich since he also appreciates these beautiful bronze coins. When I arrived back to CA, Mr. Heinrich had graciously sent my son two BU examples of these coins and an article that had been published on the series in the CNA Journal. What a guy!  

After we entered the bourse, our first stop was with Brad Karoleff.  Brad showed me several capped bust halves that he had purchased at the show and I took the opportunity to buy a VF 1812 O-104 from him.  We talked to Brad about coins and the JRCS in between his interactions with other show attendees.  I enjoy taking my family on the bourse floor so that they can learn the rhythms of the coin shows and the etiquette of visiting the various dealers’ booths.  

After a while we headed over to Jim Matthew’s booth.  Jim and I had never met, but a few weeks prior to the CNA show I had purchased several Capped Bust Dimes that Jim had consigned to an online auction.  I discussed my purchases with Jim and we agreed that I got the dimes at reasonable prices.  Then we talked about our collecting histories and I found out that Jim had previously lived in the Monterey Bay area only a few miles from my home.  My son thought that was cool since we were 2500 miles from home.  The highlight of the show for me was that I purchased a beautifully toned PCGS XF-45 1824 Various Dates O-103 half dollar from Jim. The overdates were so visible that even my wife appreciated the charm of the coin.   She normally thinks that I’m a bit obsessive about die varieties, die states, etc., and good-naturedly refers to the JRCS as my ”little club.” In contrast, my son is a JRCS member in- training.  He loves to spend time in my office looking at federal coins together under a lens as I point out overdates, die breaks, cracks, and other anomalies from the early days of the mint.  I use these moments to also inculcate a love for the nation’s history and founding principles in my boy such as liberty, e pluribus unum, and the way that the principles are manifested in the devices of our early coins.  He will remind you that the Mexican 20 Centavo coins also feature a liberty cap and an eagle liked the Capped Bust series do.  

On our way back to California, I stopped in to meet W. David Perkins in Colorado.  I have purchased many beautiful coins from Dave since joining the JRCS several years ago, but we had never met in person.  As Dave mentioned a couple of weeks ago in a post in this weekly email newsletter, we spent a couple of hours together and it seemed like only 30 minutes.  Dave was very gracious in showing me some of his personal collection, his numismatic library, and several coins that I was considering purchasing.  

As an aside, I really cherish our numismatic fraternity in the JRCS.  I stumbled across the society on the internet.  I had always enjoyed the capped bust series in my US Type Set but did not know a lot about the series.  After a year in the club I really got the fever and since then I have taken a deep dive in collecting the various series by date, die variety, and die state and by building up a respectable numismatic library, too.  It seems to me that JRCS members, like other numismatists, often share a love and knowledge of history and tradition that is far deeper than that of the bulk of our society.  Therefore, the friendships that we make within our self-selected group can be very fulfilling.

Meanwhile, back with Dave in Colorado, I purchased an 1820 dime JR-6, Small O, PCGS 50, ex Kirk Gorman; an 1825/4(2) B-3 quarter with a retained cud and an 1825/4(2) B-3 quarter in an earlier die state, and an 1836 bar-dot half dollar in PCGS AU-50. I had to pull myself away from Dave’s hospitality in his mountain lair in order to hit the road and drive almost 1000 miles to our next stop on the road home to California.

It was a great trip and I look forward to meeting more of my fellow JRCS colleagues in the future and perhaps enjoying friendships with them in the years ahead.

Mike McDaniel

Barry Sunshine wrote:

$100 reward!

I am trying to locate for my viewing pleasure the PCGS graded 1809 dimes in Mint State 65 or 66. I never saw them and I always wanted to view them. In the PCGS population reports, it indicates that there are 2 graded in MS-65 and 2 in MS-66. I would love the opportunity to view each of those coins and willing to pay $100 to see them. Bring them to ANA in Philadelphia as I am planning on being there. 

Also, I am also paying a $100 reward for the pleasure to view an 1811/9 that PCGS graded MS-66. Currently the population report shows that PCGS graded 2 of them. 

Based on my research, I haven’t been able to see and of the above coins offered publicly or privately. If anyone can help, then please contact Barry Sunshine at BSunshine(at)

Many thanks for your assistance. 


Sunday, July 15, 2018

JR Newsletter: 15 July 2018 (402)

We received no contributions for this week's JR Newsletter.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

JR Newsletter: 8 July 2018 (401)

David Perkins provided this week's contribution.  Each of the three coin images in this week's JR Newsletter come from Perkins too!

What makes our hobby enjoyable for you?  Is it “the people or the coins?”  Or both?  

In my 35 years of seriously collecting and researching coins, tokens, and Numismatic Literature, I’ve met a large number of interesting people, people that I might not have met if it wasn’t for my involvement in the hobby.  Most of these people I have seen from one to five times a year at major coin shows over the years.  I have kept in touch and corresponded with many of these “coin friends” in between shows.  
This week two collectors and JRCS members alerted me to an 1833 CB Half Dollar with PERKINS counterstamped on Liberty that was for sale on e-bay.  I won this coin today.  Thank you Jim and Richard! 

Unless you live in certain areas of the country there is a very low probability that you will meet someone locally with similar collecting interests.  I’ve had a little success with this in the Denver metro area over the years.  Following are three examples.

For over a decade I’ve gotten together a handful of times a year with a local collector and friend to talk coins and numismatics, and share a few new purchases.  We met through JRCS.  As I collect early dollars and he collects Capped Bust Half Dollars by die marriage he usually has more coins for show and tell than I do.  But the conversation is always good, and I always learn something at our lunches.  He now takes the coin photos for my website so I see him more often, and now it’s my new purchases vs. his new purchases, and now most the time I have a few more coins than he to share!   

A couple of years ago I began also getting together with another JRCS member and collector who has collected Capped Bust Quarters for 20 years or more, despite him being quite a bit younger than I am.  We met when we met at my bank and he purchased an early quarter from me.  We got together this week and had a nice two-hour lunch, with me providing a few show and tell coins for him to view, which made us even as last time we got together he had coins with him and I didn’t.   He especially enjoyed viewing a choice Pine Tree Sixpence I had with me.   

And today, a California Collector friend and Numismatist was in the Denver area and I had previously invited him to come over to my house and see my library, and to show him some coins that he wanted to view “in person” from my collection and as well as some coins for sale on my website.  He also wanted to compare his want list for CB Dimes and Half Dimes to the preliminary consignment listing for my ANA H10C and 10C sale coming up in August.   We had a nice two hour visit that felt like it went by in half an hour.  I was impressed as he has read all or most of the JRCS back issues on the Newman Portal, and has built a Numismatic library.   [If you want to be added to my distribution list for early and CB H10C and 10C please send me an e-mail at wdperki(at) ] 

I’ve been a JRCS member since 1986, and I am a long time member of many other Numismatic clubs and organizations for 25 to 30 years.  Looking back, I’ve met a lot of interesting people through our great hobby.  And have seen a lot of great coins too!

W. David Perkins
Centennial, CO

Sunday, July 1, 2018

JR Newsletter: 1 July 2018 (400)

Steve Herrman wrote:


The 6th revision of Auction Prices Realized for Certified & Graded Bust Half Dollars 1794-1839 (APRCG) is now available.

The Summer 2018 APRCG includes prices realized for all certified and graded Bust Halves sold in major auctions over the past three years, June 2015 through May 2018.

Softbound, 140 pages, $28.00 postpaid. Also available in PDF format for $20.00. Both printed and PDF are $33.00.

Copies will be mailed to JRCS members with an enclosed invoice. Advance payment is not required.

Note: $1.00 is donated to both the JRCS and the BHNC for each copy sold.

Please contact Steve at Herrman102(at) to reserve your copy.


Steve Herrman

Continuing the half dollar theme, we received the following from Sheridan Downey:

My annual summer ANA sale is now ready for preview.  Mail Bid Sale 47 closes at 6 PM EDT, Wednesday August 15, 2018, day 2 of the Worlds Fair of Money in Philadelphia.  Dates, varieties, grades and photos of the coins are posted here:

The 114 lot sale is amazing!  It is anchored by The Cape Cod Collection, a very special assemblage of more than 50 AU and UNC bust halves, quietly assembled over the past 20 years by a Massachusetts collector.  Keith Davignon, Rhode Island's finest architect, has graciously chipped in with more dazzling busties from his renowned collection.  So has my good friend Dr. Charles Link, owner of the finest collection of bust halves ever assembled.  Descriptions of the coins will be posted later in the month.  A hard-copy catalogue will be mailed near the end of July.  If you've been an active bidder or buyer look for one in your mailbox.  Internet bidding will open around August 1.

If you cannot make it to the Convention this year and would like to preview lots in the comfort of your home or office let me know.  Your favorites can be on your desk tomorrow via US Express Mail or Fed Ex.  You pickup the shipping costs.  I'll take care of the insurance -- up to $50,000 per box.  Auction lots will also be available for preview during the Bust Half Nut Club's "Corn Roast," Monday August 13 and at my bourse tables 1022-1024 Tuesday and Wednesday, August 14-15.  (You might want to earmark the ANA's Interactive Floor May, found here: