Sunday, August 30, 2015

JR Newsletter: 30 August 2015 (256)

We have some fairly diverse contributions this week.   

Our first contributor is David Finkelstein.  David wrote, "Henry Voigt’s Surety Bond" for us.  A tip from the editor for readers of the JR Newsletter:  you really do want to read this article, for it contains information that will surprise you (I was pleased to be one of the first people to read this excellent work!).


Winston Zack wrote with a report about his ANA show experience:

It has taken me a week to get settled in from the 3 days I spent in Rosemont at the ANA World's Fair of Money. I grew up in the Chicago area and it was great to return, see my family, see my geeky numismatic friends, and look at some excellent coins.

My adventure began on Tuesday, August 11th.  I had an 11 AM flight out of California, which meant leaving my home at 8 taking an hour train, 20-minute bus, and finally getting to my gate at 10 AM...only to learn my flight was delayed 45 minutes. This was cutting it close since I had a modest layover in Vegas. Luckily I get to Vegas with about 30 minutes to spare. I hustled to my next gate, which actually was nearly on the other side of the airport...which took 15-minutes to walk there. When I got to the gate my flight stated there was another 30-minute delay. Ugh! I ended up arriving in Chicago around 9:30, got my bags at 10:15, and home around eat some Lou Malnati's deep dish pizza...which IS pretty much the best pizza around...I digress.

The next morning I woke at around 6:00 (which is like 4 AM in Cali), gathered breakfast items for the JRCS meeting (coffee, OJ, bagels, cream cheese, coffee cake, and other stuff (I think)). I got to the show at 7:15, and met Louis Scuderi and Mike Sherrill (who I had never met in person before), and Barry Sunshine and Brad Karoleff right outside the convention center. They helped transport the food to the JRCS meeting room, and I had enough time to settle in and rest a little bit before the meeting.

The JRCS meeting was PACKED! Wow, we were all eager to hear Mr. Garrett Ziss' presentation on Bust coins depicted on paper money. Like everyone else said, the presentation was excellent and the standing ovation for this 12-year-old wonder-numismatist was well deserved. Steve Tompkins presented his new, 575-page book on Flowing Hair and Draped Bust half looks superb! And on behalf of my other co-authors I introduced the newest Bust dime book - Bust Dime Variety Identification Guide; proceeds from the sale of this book went to the JRCS breakfast spread...but I think the JRCS should host more breakfasts...everyone loves to eat!

At 10 AM David Kahn invited the Bust Dime authors to a book signing at his table...which was a lot of fun! Much to our amazement our book sold like hotcakes...and I saw a lot of other people with Steve's new book too. If you would like a copy of the new Bust Dime book, please contact one of these four distributors - David Kahn, Rich Uhrich, Glenn Holsonbake, or Dave Wnuck. That's the last plug for new books in this show report.

By 1 PM I was finally able to look at coins...if there was anything good left on the floor! And it turns out the first table I visited made my show...and maybe my year! I picked up two awesome contemporary counterfeit half eagles for my collection as well as for my current and future research project (Encyclopedia of contemporary counterfeit U.S. Federal coins 1792-1891).

Speaking of this research project, I plan on working on this project for about 10 years because there's a lot of data to gather and counterfeits to study. If you have any contemporary counterfeits, any denomination, from this time period that you would like included in this research project please feel free to contact me at stoneman101(at) One of the components of this research is to identify the alloy of each counterfeit. As such, XRF Analyzers are a machine I hope to use for this research. If anyone knows where I might be able to use an XRF Analyzer in Southern California (for little or no cost) I would be most appreciative...buying one is essentially out of my budget at this time. I have a few leads already to use an XRF Analyzer, but those are not local, and as such less convenient for this project.

The remaining 2.5 days of the show were a blur. I was constantly running into people, networking, talking coins, life, etc and having a blast. I also picked up a few more pieces for my collection(s). This really was my favorite coin show I've ever been to.

I also wanted to mention to the JR Newsletter readers that some of the proceeds from the sale of the new Bust Dime book ($2/copy) will be going back to the JRCS so that we can continue the Club's mission of advancing the study and education of early U.S. Federal coins (primarily silver and gold).


Finally, Len Augsburger, Project Coordinator for the Newman Numismatic Portal, published an introductory letter concerning the project:

The Newman Numismatic Portal seeks to unite the world’s numismatic information into a single, searchable database, accessible to all on a free and forever basis. Administered through Washington University in St. Louis, the Portal is funded by a grant from the Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society and began development in December 2014.

This summer has been busy with the establishment of our scanning center, located in Olin Library on the Washington University campus. Since June, we’ve scanned several hundred documents, representing over 30,000 pages, and these are visible through Internet Archive at We’ve partnered with Internet Archive to upload and host our scanned material, and this collection will increase on a daily basis as items are added.

While Internet Archive acts as a warehouse for our scanned documents, we are in parallel developing the website that will be known as the Newman Numismatic Portal. The Portal will be able to search across the scanned documents as well as a store of electronic content acquired from other sources such as auction companies. The Portal will go online in 2016. In the meantime, our scanned material, via Internet Archive, is freely available to all for scholarly purposes.

We are especially interested in acquiring in-copyright content for the Portal. If you represent an organization that wishes to digitize its publications at no cost to you, we are an ideal candidate to offload the scanning effort. Already several specialty clubs within American numismatics have given us permission to digitize and present back issues of their journals. We also seek unique materials such as manuscripts, archives, bid books, and the like. Finally, several collectors have loaned us rare items such as early U.S. Mint Reports. It is through such collaboration that the Portal will achieve its objective of sharing numismatic information with all.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

JR Newsletter: 23 August 2015 (255)

Welcome to this week's JR Newsletter.  We have some news trickling in related to happenings at the ANA in Rosemont.  I am sure that readers would like to hear more!

Some JRCS members in the news:

Paul Gilkes posted three video excerpts from the presentation that JRCS member Garrett Ziss gave at the JRCS annual meeting at the ANA show in Rosemont.  The videos are on the Coin World Facebook page:

Also from Paul Gilkes of Coin World, an excellent article, " Fake United States Bust dimes rare and collectible: Readers Ask.  Bogus coins contemporarily co-circulate with genuine counterparts."  The Gilkes article mentions JRCS member Winston Zack and the John Reich Journal.  You can read the article online at the following link:

When Winston heard about and then read the article, he responded, "During the show I was told of several other bust dime counterfeits which exist, including dates I have not recorded (not too surprised about that). But in general my article, and this CW article are pretty spot on."

Steve Gupta wrote:

I understand the JRCS board approved funds to move the current website to a commercially hosted server at the 2015 annual meeting.  While I was not in attendance, I am interested in forming a small group to discuss content management systems (CMS) such as Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, etc and hosting options such as Bluehost, GoDaddy, Google Domains, etc.

The latest update looks really clean, but I am also seeking input on relatively static content that would complement the John Reich Journal and JR Newsletter.  With a few administrators and content managers, we should be able to build and maintain an attractive, engaging website.  Some ideas I have are expanding the reference books, adding significant catalogs and web references to the ANA and other organizations that align with the By-Laws Section 2:  The purpose of the Society is to encourage the study of numismatics, particularly United States silver and gold coins minted before 1840, and to provide technical and educational information concerning such coins.

I am not a web developer, but have dabbled with a personal blog and have periodically updated a Wordpress site for another organization.  The current webmaster has already offered to help in transferring contents.  If you are interested in helping out, please contact me at sanjiv_gupta(at)

Thanks for your consideration,
Steve Gupta

Monday, August 17, 2015

JR Newsletter: 17 August 2015 (254)

Editor:  The ANA show was a great one for me.  Lots of people to see, lots to do, and plenty of coins!  I'm still catching up from the show, travel, and a bit of work mixed in.  I hope we will receive some reports from ANA attendees.

Bill Nyberg wrote:

I would like to announce to fellow JRCS members the publication release of my book Robert Scot - Engraving Liberty, which is the culmination of many years of archival research. 

The biography of Robert Scot contains much information that has not been previously published or is not widely known, including Scot's engraving during the Revolutionary period for American officers, his work with Scottish immigrant publishers that enabled the expansion of illustrated scientific books within America, and his engraving of federal revenue stamps to support President John Adam's buildup of the American Navy during the Quasi-War with France. Images of actual surviving dies of eagle designs for federal revenue stamps are included, which are similar to coinage dies and were engraved at the US Mint. Also, new information of Scot's activities while at the Mint, along with Scot's wife and family are included.

The book is published by American History Press, with color illustrations and a complete listing of Scot's known engravings. The price is $24.95 plus shipping. A press release, purchase information, and endorsements by Len Augsburger, R.W. Julian, and Steve Tompkins is at  

I will also have some signed books at the same price parrnyberg(at)

Thank you,
Bill Nyberg


David Perkins wrote with a fun story from the ANA:

What are the odds?  A Story From the 2015 ANA Convention

 This is a true story.  

A collector purchased from me at the 2015 ANA Convention a lovely 1797 Draped Bust, Small Eagle 10X6 Stars Dollar in PCGS AU50 early Tuesday morning.  Later Tuesday morning a dealer representing a collector who had seen the coin at a previous coin show came to my table wanting to buy this same 1797 Dollar.  I had to tell him that it was sold.  One half hour later, another collector came back to my table, wanting to buy the 1797 Dollar.
Wednesday, still another collector came to my table to buy the 1797 Dollar, and was disappointed to learn I’d sold it the day before.  He had seen the coin at the March Baltimore show.  And believe it or not, 30 minutes later yet another collector came by wanting to purchase this same coin!

I had the coin in my inventory for between 6 and 9 months, and within 48 hours could have sold this 1797 Draped Bust Dollar five times!  

I really enjoyed the 2015 ANA Convention in Chicago.  It was a great show this year.  The John Reich Collectors Society (JRCS) meeting was probably one of the two largest meetings in attendance ever.  Perhaps this was somewhat due to the announcement that Garrett Ziss sharing his research and making a presentation on Bust Coin images on paper money.  There had to be well over 60 members and guests in attendance.   This was a fascinating topic and Garrett did a great job.   

Garrett ended his presentation to a standing ovation!

 W. David Perkins

Dale Williams wrote:

There will be a "six figure" Southwestern-consigned bust quarter collection sold through Heritage Auctions in September.  Look for quarters in PCGS and older, NGC "fatty holders" with dates ranging from 1796-1838.  Some coins are white, some coins are toned, and grades range from EF-AU to MS, including an Eliasberg-pedigreed 1832 B-1 quarter in a PCGS MS62 CAC holder

Sunday, August 9, 2015

JR Newsletter: 9 August 2015 (253)

Welcome to the "pre-ANA" issue of the JR Newsletter.  Fair warning to readers:  next weekend's issue of the JR Newsletter may be delayed by several hours or maybe even until Monday due to my travel and work schedule.  I look forward to hearing from others about their ANA show experiences.  With auction companies holding some significant sales, a half dollar sale by Sheridan Downey, and a half dime sale by W. David Perkins, I'm sure there will be plenty of tales to be told in the coming month!

Ralph Muñoz wrote:

Last week there was an announcement to purchase the new Bust Dime Variety Identification Guide from various dealers at the ANA.  I am not going to able to attend the ANA.  From whom will I be able to buy the book when it becomes available?

Ralph Muñoz

(editor's note:  I understand that after the show, books will be available from Rich Uhrich Rare Coins, Americana Rare Coins, David Wnuck Numismatics, and David Kahn Rare Coins)

While we are on the subject of the new book on bust dimes, here's something from David Kahn:

David Kahn ( and Brian Greer ( will be sharing a table at the upcoming ANA Convention in Rosemont,IL, and invite everyone to stop by Table 724 to say hello.  They will have lots of new purchases making their debuts at this show.  Also, the new Bust Dime Variety Identification Guide , just now being published and written by Winston Zack, Louis Scuderi and Michael Sherrill, will be available at their table.  In addition, they have arranged to have all three authors available for a signing session, at table 724, on Wednesday August 12, from 10:00 AM to Noon.  You can buy a copy during that time, or bring the one you bought earlier to have signed.  The authors look forward to seeing you!

David Kahn

Bob Stark wrote:

Only two doubled edged dollars are known, at least to me.  One, a 1795 B-5 (Flowing Hair) with its edge lettering in opposite directions;  so, upside down from each other.   Second, a 1799 B-11 (Bust) also passed through the Castaing process twice,  same side up.  Images and discoveries by Jonathan Kern.

First image is from Jonathan Kern's CoinWorld ad:

Next images are of the 1799 dollar:


David Perkins wrote:

If anyone has an extra copy of Federal Half Dimes 1792-1837 by Russell Logan & John McCloskey and would like to sell it please let me know.  I have a friend that would like to purchase a copy.  I can be reached by e-mail at wdperki(at) 


W. David Perkins and Gerry Fortin – Tables 617 & 619 at the ANA Convention
W. David Perkins and Gerry Fortin will have a large selection of early U.S. silver at Tables 617 and 619 at the 2015 ANA Convention in Chicago.  Included is a lovely 1792 Half Disme in PCGS AU50 (OGH)!  We will have a large stock of half dimes to early dollars.
As most JR News readers and early Half Dime collectors know, at the ANA Perkins is holding his third Extraordinary Half Dime Sale, a Fixed Price and Sealed Bid Auction Sale with close to 100 Lots of Capped Bust Half Dimes 1829-1837.  These lots will be available for viewing, study, and purchase at the ANA Convention in Chicago.   You can request a catalog (PDF) via e-mail.
In addition, as previously announced, Perkins will be selling the Kirk Gorman Capped Bust Dime Collection starting at the January 2016 FUN Convention in Tampa, FL.  About a dozen Capped Bust Dimes from this collection will be on display at Tables 617-619 at the ANA Convention.   All of the Gorman dimes have been recently photographed (PCGS TruView Photographs, taken with all of the coins outside of the holders) and graded by PCGS.  You can sign up to be on the distribution list for the Gorman sale at the ANA, or send an e-mail to Dave at wdperki(at) 

 Dave will have a preliminary  list of the dimes in the Gorman Collection at his ANA Tables including, PCGS serial numbers to facilitate coin / photo look up on the PCGS website.
Please stop by and see us.  See you in Chicago!
W. David Perkins
Gerry Fortin
W. David Perkins
Centennial, CO

Sunday, August 2, 2015

JR Newsletter: 2 August 2015 (252)

A few people provided me with some coin photos in response to my request last week.  Thank you!  Readers will be seeing some nice coins in the email message header.  Thanks especially to Lance Keigwin and Dave Wnuck!

Speaking of Lance Keigwin, he wrote a response to an inquiry by Ralph Muñoz:

Hi Ralph,

The PCGS Price Guide and PCGS's Coinfacts cite prices for conditions G4 ($54) through AU55 ($850). As everyone knows the Price Guide is just that, and the market can be very different. For example, an AU55 sold at the 8/12 ANA for $5175. (It is the only auction listed.)

To view the JR-8 1829 bust dime on the Price Guide click on the "plus sign" icon next to PCGS coin number 4511 (1829 Small 10c). Die marriages drop down. The JR-8 is PCGS coin number 38833.

Coinfacts offers a more complete summary. Here's the link for the JR-8.

It appears PCGS has graded only two JR-8's (where the attribution was paid for). Others may have been graded but not attributed.

See you at Rosemont?


Sheridan Downey wrote with a reminder:

Mail Bid Sale No 41, featuring scads of high grade and rare bust halves (plus a couple of early dimes), closes Wednesday Aug. 12, just 10 days away.  Lot viewing by overnight mail ends Tuesday Aug. 4.   Hard copies of the catalog went in the mail last Monday.  The full catalog, photos of every coin, the Terms of Sale and a useful bid sheet are available for viewing, download and printing on my web site,

The auction lots will be available for preview during the BHNC Corn Roast in Rosemont, Monday Aug. 10 and, of course, at my bourse tables all day Tuesday and Wednesday.  Bids may be entered via email or phone up until the time the Sale closes at 7 PM CDT on Wednesday.


David Finkelstein wrote:

I will be conducting a Money Talks presentation at the ANA World’s Fair of Money in Chicago on Wednesday, August 12th at 4:00 PM in Room 6.  My presentation is titled “The Workflow of the First United States Mint”.  Mint related documents from the National Archives and Library of Congress that were not previously included in my John Reich Newsletter articles have been incorporated into my presentation.

My articles in the John Reich Newsletter will continue after the ANA World’s Fair of Money.

David Finkelstein

From W. David Perkins and Gerry Fortin:

W. David Perkins and Gerry Fortin will have Tables 617 and 619 at the 2015 ANA in Chicago.  Among the highlights for JRCS Members and JR Newsletter readers are:

 - Close to 100 Capped Bust Half Dimes for viewing and sale, including a large quantity of better die marriages also including a number of R-6 and R-7 marriages available in a Sealed Bid Auction Sale (Ends 6:00PM CST Friday of the show)

- A dozen Choice and Rare Capped Bust Dimes (out of over 130 consigned for sale in 2016!).  If you haven’t already, you can sign up to receive the sale catalogs for the sale of the Gorman Collection in 2016

- Attractive 1792 Half Disme in PCGS AU50 (OGH)

- Not one but two 1829 Curl Base 2 Dimes (!), an important Red Book type coin, in PCGS VG08 CAC and NGC VG Details

- Lovely 1805 Bust Quarter in PCGS MS63+ (photo below), an 1822 Quarter in PCGS VF30, and other offerings

 - A nice selection of Early and Capped Bust Half Dollars, most off the market for a decade or more (many of these were just recently sent to PCGS for grading)

- 1795 through 1803 Flowing Hair and Draped Bust Dollars including selections from The Gentleman's Collection

See you in Chicago!

W. David Perkins & Gerry Fortin


Finally, an update from Steve Tompkins:

Update on the new Early Half Dollar book:

Just wanted to say thank you to all those who have pre-ordered a copy and let you know that I will have the finished books with me at the upcoming ANA. I pick them up on Monday 8/10, so I will be unable to ship any until the following Monday. I will however be happy to deliver any that were pre-ordered directly at the show. Speaking of pre-orders…I am extending the special price of $79 until 8/8. So if you have been putting it off, you better get your order in before the 8th to save some money!

Also I will be doing a book signing on Thursday from 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm and on Friday from 2 pm - 3 pm at the Central States Numismatic Society table - #1948. There will be book available for sale at the table throughout the show, but at the normal cover price of $89.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!

Steve Tompkins

Sunday, July 26, 2015

JR Newsletter: 26 July 2015 (251)

Readers will be pleased with the myriad contributions this week!

Brad Karoleff  wrote:
The latest issue of the John Reich Journal, Volume 25, Issue 2 went out in the mail Friday. Anyone not receiving their copy by August 5th should contact me at bkaroleff(at)

See you at the ANA!

David Finkelstein wrote with another original contribution:  "The Workflow of the First United States Mint - Part 5."  You can view David's article, including pictures, in a pdf format that will open on your computer by simply clicking this link:

Steve Herrman composed a biography of JRCS Hall of Fame honoree Al C. Overton.  You can read the biography as a separate document by clicking this link:  You can view the JRCS Hall of Fame web page at  to view the biographies written so far for honorees.

Glenn Peterson wrote with an update on die marriage and die state studies at the ANA in August:

Hi JRCS members,
    I have heard from members about the selections of coins to study in the die state study to be held on Wednesday evening after the JRCS meeting. A member suggested and will bring his example of Bust Dollar 1799 B23 BB159. He is interested in seeing other die states for this die marriage so please bring along your 1799 B23 if you have one. Bust dime collectors have expressed interest in studying 1834 JR 6 which has a nice progression of cuds developing on the reverse. I am fortunate to have an XF45 example in my collection so bust dime members please bring your 1834 JR 6's to compare.. A reminder for bust half dime collectors please bring your 1829 LM 6's for study and bust quarters please bring your 1836 B1's for study. I have a number of die states of the 1836 B1 and am fortunate to have the remarriages of 1829 LM 6 so we can compare die states.
   I am looking forward to a great meeting and enjoyable time socializing with my JRCS friends.
Glenn Peterson

Ralph Muñoz wrote with a request for fellow collectors of capped bust dimes:

I am baffled as to where to find price information for various grades of the JR8 1829 Bust Dime (in addition to all other varieties).  Is there a price guide or a reference you may guide me to? 

Ralph Muñoz
JRCS #30 and Life Member #20

Next, we have a contribution from Barry Sunshine:

To all bust dime folks,

Winston Zack, Louis Scuderi, Michael Sherrill, and many other bust dime enthusiasts are very pleased to announce a new bust dime book that will be available at ANA. After nearly two years in the works and with contributions by many of the leading experts on bust dimes, the authors have created "Bust Dime Variety Identification Guide."  The book will assist collectors and dealers in attribution of all bust dimes through easy-to-follow explanations and color pictures. The book offers much more, too.  Readers will appreciate the summary information for each year of mintage, discussion of number of estimated known examples, explanation of die marriages of known Proofs, and updated rarity ratings by die marriage.  There are color pictures for each die marriage and a lot more information. This will be a must-own book for all bust dime collectors, cherry pickers, dealers in bust coinage, and anyone else that wants to learn more about bust dimes.

The book is at the printer right now and will be available at the Wednesday, August 12th JRCS meeting at the ANA show.  If you can’t make the meeting, the book will also be available for $49 per copy at two tables on the bourse floor:  David Wnuck Numismatics (table #920) and David Kahn Rare Coins (table #724). After the show, books will be available from Rich Uhrich Rare Coins, Americana Rare Coins, David Wnuck Numismatics, and David Kahn Rare Coins.

An announcement flyer is attached.  Just click this link to open the file on your computer:

Many thanks,
Barry Sunshine


Finally, something from the editor:

Readers may have noticed that with the newest format of the JR Newsletter email version (not internet blog version), I've been trying to include images of different coins each week as the "header" to the newsletter.  I would welcome readers' contributions of obverse/reverse bust coin photos (formatted the way the header image is formatted) for potential use in future issues.  I have zero nice images of early dimes or early dollars, hint hint!

Also, I will be assisting W. David Perkins at his table (#617) at the ANA for his sealed bid auction and fixed price sale of capped bust half dimes.  If JR Newsletter readers want to come by and talk about any subject related to capped bust half dimes with me, I welcome the opportunity!  I should be at table #617 on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.  David can get a hold of me on other days to come by the table if you happen to stop by when I am not there.

Richard Meaney

Sunday, July 19, 2015

JR Newsletter: 19 July 2015 (250)

Dr. Glenn Peterson provides this week's only contribution:

Hi Members of JRCS,

     I wish to invite members and guests to come to the JRCS meeting at ANA on Wednesday, August 12th at 8 AM in Room 44 of the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. We will have two presentations at the meeting. One will be given by our young numismatist member Garrett Ziss on the subject of bust coin images on paper currency. He has found several attributable images of bust coins on the paper money of that era. After Garrett's presentation, David Finkelstein will give a presentation about U.S. Mint history. I am sure members will find these presentations very interesting.

     We will be having an open house for members of JRCS and guests on Wednesday evening. At that meeting we will conduct a die state study of selected bust half dimes, dimes, quarters and dollars. Members have voiced their preference of certain marriages to study for half dimes and quarters, but we have not yet heard from members about which bust dime and bust dollar would be interesting to study. 


Members have suggested we study bust half dime 1829 LM-6 at the meeting and quarter collectors have suggested that we study 1836 B1 as these coins have very interesting die states. PLEASE BRING YOUR EXAMPLES OF THESE DIE MARRIAGES TO THE OPEN HOUSE FOR STUDY. The bust half dollar die state study will be done separately in conjunction with the Bust Half Nut Club meeting Thursday 2:00 PM and will focus on 1828 half dollars. Please bring your 1828 bust half dollars on Thursday afternoon.

       Making friendships with fellow numismatists and sharing information about the coins we collect enhances the hobby. Please join us.

Glenn Peterson MD