Sunday, January 14, 2018

JR Newsletter: 14 January 2018 (378)

Timothy Mahr wrote about last week’s JR Newsletter “headline coin”

I thought that the 1827 50C at the top of this newsletter looked great, then it started to actually look familiar, and then I realized that this is the coin I just won in Sheridan's MB No. 46!  I never thought that a coin from my humble collection might ever make it onto the JR Newsletter page.  What fun!  Well, it won't be my coin for a few more days... even still, what a nice surprise!

Tim Mahr - BHNC #198

Rich Uhrich wrote with a note about his upcoming retirement:

I have decided to retire effective February 11, 2018.  I love the people involved in coins, including my clients, my table assistants, and other dealers.  I will continue to be a collector, and I expect to visit some of the major shows such as FUN, Baltimore, and Summer ANA, but only for a couple days at a time.   My last show as a coin dealer will be February 10 in Sebring, FL.  For those of you who have coins on consignment with me, I will be emailing you a list of those coins, so that I can return those coins to you.

I want to thank all of my clients over the past twelve years, my table assistants, my mentors, dealers with whom I have done business, and most importantly, my wife Karen.  I wish all of you the best in the future!


Editor's Note:  Rich didn't mention it in his email, but when I went to his web site I saw that he is having a sale.  You might want to check it out.  Rich Uhrich Rare US Coins

David Finkelstein wrote: 

New information has been discovered about Coin Delivery Warrants.  Here is an article for JR Newsletter readers. 


Sunday, January 7, 2018

JR Newsletter: 7 January 2018 (377)

David Perkins wrote:

FUN Convention Report

The 2018 FUN show was a good one for me and others I talked to, both collectors and dealers.  
A highlight of the show for me had to be the JRCS Regional Meeting.  Dr. Glenn Peterson, our Program Chairman had Jeff Friedman, noted half dollar and half dime collector, presenting on cuds starting with historical definitions of cuds from various sources.  The presentation included slides of many neat late die state coins, good questions, and much discussion at the end of the presentation.  I didn’t count the members and guests attending, but the room was packed, and it seemed like there were 40 to 50 in attendance!  If you weren’t there you missed a good one!

Brad Karoeff, JRCS President and Editor, and I handed out a couple dozen copies of the John Reich Journal at the show.

Early U.S. Silver Dollars, a specialty of mine, were notably in demand at the show.  I usually have one of the largest inventories of early dollars at shows, and wish I’d had more this time!  I sold 7 early dollars (all that I had outside the Miller Collection that Andy Lustig and I purchased) at the show and was only able to acquire one new Dollar while there.  

One happy collector picked up the ex. Newman-Col. Green 1795 B-1, BB-21 Two Leaves Dollar graded PCGS AU-58 CAC in a private transaction.   

Andy Lustig and I are down to only 11 of the 169 early dollars that we purchased from collector and JRCS member Warren Miller.  The beautiful and very late die state 1798 B-33, BB-117 in PCGS VF35, an R-8 with three examples known to me, found a good home in December in an early dollar collector’s collection.  It might have been a Christmas Present to himself….  Another collector added on Saturday morning (at FUN) the neat ex. Miller 1798 B-11, BB-111 VLDS Dollar in PCGS XF45, with the neat double die break through Liberty to the 13th Star on the obverse.  

A pretty amazing price was realized for one 1795 Flowing Hair Dollar Lot in particular in the Heritage Platinum Night Sale.  This was Lot 4892, titled “1795 Flowing Hair Dollar, XF45 / Rare B-12, BB-26 Variety / The Thomas L. Elder/M.H. Bolender Coin”  and was graded PCGS XF45 CAC.  I’ve seen many of the Bolender Collection 1795 FH Dollars over the years, but had not seen this one “in person” prior to the auction lot viewing. The obverse of this specimen was plated in Bolender’s The Early United States Silver Dollars from 1794 to 1803 (1950).  I would have loved to have this coin for inventory and wish I was still a collector on this one (as you can stretch even more!) – most of the price guides show XF 1795 FH Dollars in the $12-15K range, and I’ve sold some particularly attractive and choice examples in the middle to high teens.  This 1795 Dollar realized $32,400!   Was it the deep, old, original color, the pedigree, the fact that it was a Plate Coin in the Bolender book, the strong lustre mostly visible at the edges, it being in the Condition Census for this die marriage, or???  I know two disappointed collectors on this lot, and add myself to the list as I’d have loved to acquire it.  If the winner of this lot will contact me I’ll share more on the pedigree, a good one.  

I also heard on Saturday that I’d missed some great, high grade Capped Bust Quarters on the bourse.   The well-known JRCS member who told me this did not miss them!  

Lastly, I received numerous JRCS membership dues payments at the show.  We picked up a couple of new members along with a couple of members that had not been active the last couple of years.   Notices for dues for Volume 28 of the John Reich Journal were sent with the last issue, Volume 27, Issue 3.  Payments should be sent to me (as Treasurer) at JRCS, c/o W. David Perkins / P.O. Box 3039 / Centennial, CO  80161-3039.  Also, don’t forget to send your Reiver Award ballots to me at this same P.O. Box address.

Great show!  Happy New Year to everyone.

W. David Perkins
Centennial, CO

 1798 B-11 courtesy of PCGS and David Perkins

Sunday, December 31, 2017

JR Newsletter: 31 December 2017 (376)

David Kahn wrote with a quick reminder about FUN:

Just a quick reminder to see David Kahn Rare Coins early at FUN show table #235.  We are literally loaded for bear!  Do you happen to need almost any rare Capped Bust half dollar variety?  We have them.  Not just R6's like 1817-104a, 1823-113, 1837-137 and 1831-120, but we also have a PCGS AU 1836-121, and an AU OGH 1827-137 and many, many others from the Montross and Hill Top collections.  Perhaps you like other early series?  How about a lovely, PCGS XF45 1804 $5, Small 8 over Large 8, BD-5, R6+?  Maybe what you really need is an affordable, PCGS graded 1831 B7, R5+ quarter, or a lovely PCGS F15 CAC 1802 JR-4 dime, or an incredibly pleasing, smooth, chocolate brown 1786 Vermontensium copper, PCGS XF45, or a magnificent, PCGS AU58 CAC 1927-S Walker?   Point is, we have a huge selection of just about everything.  Every coin noted here is in our Newps, and will be offered for the first time at FUN, along with our other 250 or so Newps.  Plus, we will have 50 copies of the Second printing of Dick Graham's, "A Register of Die Varieties of Reeded Edge Half Dollars, 1836-1839".  We look forward to seeing you soon!  Happy New Year to all, and travel safe.


From the editor:  Sounds like I'm going to miss a great FUN show.  Not only does David Kahn have a lot to offer, but I have seen/heard/read about others who would be "for sure visits" at the show.  Sheridan Downey has an auction for half dollars, David Perkins is sharing a table with Gerry Fortin, Rich Uhrich has a table and Reeded Edge Half Dollar expert and author Dick Graham will be working with him at the table.  The JRCS has a meeting on Friday at 8:30, with the BHNC following in the same room at 9:45.  The FUN show is always a good experience.  The show packs a lot of numismatic joy into a few short days!  I do hope those of you who attend the show take some time to share some of your experiences with other readers of the JR Newsletter.  Richard

Sunday, December 24, 2017

JR Newsletter: 24 December 2017 (375)

David Kahn wrote with a pre-FUN teaser:

A number interesting things will be offered by David Kahn Rare Coins at the upcoming FUN show in Tampa.  As a very quick summary of the highlights, you will find:
  • Selections from the Montross Collection of Early half dollars, 1794-1836.  This collection includes nearly 500 coins, all slabbed, with most Capped Bust being PCGS AU58.
  • Selections from the Hill Top Collection of Early half dollars, 1805-1839-O.  A wonderful array of collector coins, about half raw and half slabbed, including very rare varieties and quite a few Overton Plate coins and duplicates from the Overton collection.  
  • Copies of the Second printing of Dick Graham's book on the Reeded Edge half dollar series.  The First printing sold out quickly after its 2012 release, and copies have been hard to come by ever since.  Dick will even be doing a quick signing session at our table.
  • Our regular inventory, which is already heavy in Bust and Seated material in all denominations, and is available on our website right now.
  • Nearly 200 Newps in all series, including Bust and Seated halves from the Fairfax Collection, Early Walkers from the Stoney Brook Collection, one cent patterns from a very important collection, choice AU Barber half duplicates from the #1 Everyman registry set and lots of other cool stuff!
All of the above and more will be available at our table, #235.  Please see us early!  For more information or to check out our website, see our latest monthly newsletter here.
All the best to everyone for a happy and healthy holiday season.  Hope to see you in Tampa!

Editor's note:  Wish I could go!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

JR Newsletter: 17 December 2017 (374)

We have two contributions this week.  First, from Glenn Peterson:

Hello JRCS members,

    I am greatly looking forward the the FUN show January 4-7 and wanted to invite members to attend the John Reich Collectors Society meeting Friday January 5th at 8:30 in room 9 of the convention center. We are having an excellent speaker and collector of bust half dimes and bust halves, Jeff Friedman. He will speak about cuds on bust coinage. 

After his presentation I expect a lively discussion about CUDs how they are defined and how they develop. After the meeting please stay for the Bust Half Nut Club in the same room at 9:45 AM. We have moved up the BHNC meeting time to we can get back to the bourse or to the PCGS luncheon on time. At the BHNC meeting we will have guest speaker, Tim Osborne, advanced collector of bust half dollars.  He will speak about major auctions he has visited and maybe have some humorous stories about legendary numismatists. SO PLEASE ATTEND BOTH OF THE MEETINGS AND VISIT WITH YOUR COLLECTING FRIENDS!

Glenn Peterson MD, JRCS/BHNC

Brad Karoleff wrote:

The latest issue of the John Reich Journal is in the mail!
The issue was posted Saturday the 16th.  If you do not have yours by the end of the month please email me at bkaroleff(at) and I will send you a replacement issue.

Remember, if you receive a green renewal notice in with your journal please send David a check to continue your membership.

There is also your ballot for the Jules Reiver Literary Award included with this issue.  Please vote for your favorite articles from the last volume.  The winner will be announced at the ANA convention this August.

Happy Holidays to all.  See you at FUN.


A reminder from the editor of the JR Newsletter:

If you wish to correspond with the editor, please write to jrnewsletter(at) or use my email address on the inside front cover of the JR Journal.  Please do not use the email address as it is no longer valid.

Richard Meaney