Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mis-Labeled "STATESOF" Dime on Ebay

Rick A wrote in to share information about an misattributed STATESOFAMERICA dime being sold on ebay.  Here's what he wrote:

eBay has a 1820 bust dime, item 290389126110, graded by PCGS as XF45 StatesOfAmerica that ends 1-17-2010. However, it is mislabled!!! It is NOT the JR1 SofA variety. It is a common variety.
I notified the seller giving him the JR1 attributes and suggested he returns it to whom ever he purchased it from if he paid a preimum. He has not responded and continues with the auction. I was going to bid strongly as I need one and I didn't acquire anything in the recent Heritage Fun Auction. Looking at it more closely, particularly the reverse which is easily distinglishable, I noticed it was not the JR1. Buyer Beware.

Link to item:  ebay dime

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