Saturday, July 24, 2010

Third Known 1806 B-8 Quarter with Cud Discovered

Rich Uhrich announced that a consignor (who wishes to remain anonymous) has discovered the third known 1806 B-8 quarter with cud.  The B-8 die marriage is an R-6 and coins with this late die stage featuring the cud are quite rare.  Uhrich stated that it is believed that the die crack causing the cud happened early in the die's life, so not many coins were produced from this die pair...which accounts for the coin's scarcity.

Uhrich will auction the coin at the 2010 ANA Show in Boston using a sealed bid format. Images of the coin are below.  As usual, you can click on the image in order to open a larger size image.

Editor's addition 8/15/2010:  The coin sold for $18,666.  Congratulations to the new owner!

There's a neat article on "COINLINK" that mentions this coin.  Here's a link:  Link to COINLINK article

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