Monday, August 8, 2011

JR Newsletter: 8 August 2011 (48)

I'm sure Sunday just wasn't the same without your weekly newsletter fix, but I assure you Sunday was odd for your editor too.  Sometime during the night between Saturday and Sunday morning, a cable fell from the utility pole and took my internet with it!  Fortunately, service has been restored.

Just one contribution for the week, from Harry Cabluck:

I am attempting to attribute this 1827 Bust Half Dollar.

Likely an 0 120, but the pictures in the (revised) 1970 Overton here are too small for positive identification.

Is there an online site where Overtons might be attributed?

Have noted that JRCS #017, Vol. 2, Issue 1, of January 1987 contains an article "Attributing 1827 Half Dollars."

Please advise how one might join JRCS and how to receive a copy of the article above.

Many thanks.

Harry Cabluck

Editor's Note:  I sent Harry the link to the membership application.  For others interested in joining the JRCS, here is the link to the membership application:



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