Sunday, October 4, 2009

Did You Receive Issue 20/1 of the JR Journal?

Brad Karoleff wrote that everyone should have already received issue 20/1 of the JR Journal. If you are a member of the JRCS in good standing (i.e. have paid your dues) and did not receive the issue, please contact Brad via email: Brad's email address can also be found listed on the JRCS web site:  JRCS HOME 

Brad has also requested submissions of articles for publication in the next issue of the JR Journal.

I will add to this subject with a note about problems you may have with your journal or membership. If you have problems with your membership in the JRCS (check sent and no JR Journal received, change of mailing address, and the like, please do not send requests for clarification to the JR Newsletter. Instead, please contact an officer of the JRCS using the email addresses found on the inside of the front cover of either the JR Journal or on the JRCS web site.

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