Monday, October 5, 2009

Winston Zack Requests Information for Research Project on Cuds -- UPDATED

(I have since revised this list to include Cuds which I NEED to be measured, instead of the previous list which included Cuds which I had ALREADY measured.)

I am working on researching and measuring the length of Cuds found on Bust silver coins (Half-Dimes, Dimes, Quarters, Half-Dollars, and Dollars).  As such, and since my collection of Bust Cuds is fairly meager with respect to other JRCS members, I am asking for as much assistance from you all as possible.

What I'm looking for is this:
1) Each coin must have a rim-Cud (no other Cud type will be used in this research) forming, starting and ending, from one rim to another portion of a rim.
2) The rim-Cud must be clearly visible.  Any specimen with the rims worn down so as the exact origin of the Cud is not clearly visible should be excluded until a higher grade or more clear example can be found.
3) I need to have each Cud measured in respect to size (mm; millimeters).  For this I have found that taking a small, flimsy/flexible, measuring tape and positioning the measuring tape on the rim of the coin, above where the Cud begins and ends, and measuring that arc, has proven to be the best method for measuring the size of the Cud.
4) The measurements should be approximate (remember in millimeters), and don't necessarily need to be 100% accurate.  Though, if possible, the more accurate the results the better.
5) Please report your measurements to me (Winston) at my email address: .  Thanks, and I will include you as a cited reference (unless you want to remain anonymous) at the end of the article.

Half-Dimes: 1797 LM-2, 1836 LM-3
Dimes: 1820 JR-6, 1829 JR-4, 1830 JR-4, 1831 JR-4, 1831 JR-6, 1832 JR-2, 1834 JR-5, 1835 JR-1, 1835 JR-4, 1837 JR-2.
Quarters: 1819 B-4, 1820 B-5
Halves: 1795 O-103a

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  1. Thanks for the emails, and I have received the following:

    Half-Dime: 1836 LM-1.2
    Bust Half: 1805 O-112a