Friday, January 15, 2010

Question on obverse and reverse rims for Capped Bust coinage that are smooth without segments

This question came to me from a reader and I have published it here so that maybe someone with knowledge on the subject can comment:

Edgar Souders' article "Capped Bust Half-Dollar Secrets: Broken Legend and Number Punches" in the recent JR Journal was an absolute joy to read.  A very impressive study!   A question I have is related to Edgar's article and a Contemporary Counterfeit Capped Bust Half Collector Club website ( recent Collector's Corner addition entitled "Mint Error or Contemporary Counterfeit?" that is distantly related.  Has there been any JR study on the obverse and reverse rims for Capped Bust coinage that are smooth without segments?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mis-Labeled "STATESOF" Dime on Ebay

Rick A wrote in to share information about an misattributed STATESOFAMERICA dime being sold on ebay.  Here's what he wrote:

eBay has a 1820 bust dime, item 290389126110, graded by PCGS as XF45 StatesOfAmerica that ends 1-17-2010. However, it is mislabled!!! It is NOT the JR1 SofA variety. It is a common variety.
I notified the seller giving him the JR1 attributes and suggested he returns it to whom ever he purchased it from if he paid a preimum. He has not responded and continues with the auction. I was going to bid strongly as I need one and I didn't acquire anything in the recent Heritage Fun Auction. Looking at it more closely, particularly the reverse which is easily distinglishable, I noticed it was not the JR1. Buyer Beware.

Link to item:  ebay dime