Sunday, May 18, 2014

JR Newsletter: 18 May 2014 (189)

Brad Karoleff wrote:

The next issue of the John Reich Journal is scheduled to come out in July.  It will contain the census for the half dollars before the Capped Bust series.  Please send your census updates to Steve Herrman as soon as possible for inclusion in the issue -- Herrman102(at)

We also need articles to fill the rest of the issue.  Anyone who has been working on a paper, or someone who can write something for us before the deadline, is encouraged to submit it for publication.  I would like to have any submissions by June 15th so we can work on getting them formatted for publication.  Please consider sending something for publication to make your journal more interesting.

Brad Karoleff

We have two contributions from Glenn Peterson:

First, Glenn Peterson wrote:

Hi JRCS members,

    I am doing a study on double profile bust halves 1807-1836. I am putting together a presentation for the BHNC meeting at ANA Chicago and if I get enough interesting information I might put together an article for JR Journal on the subject as well. I appreciate information from members on capped bust half dollar double  profiles obverse AND REVERSE. The information I seek is the following

1. Where is the doubling – obverse, face, chin, neck, date, hair-curls, etc. and reverse above or below L or R wing, etc.?
2. Is the doubling external (a line outside the main device) or internal ( e.g. a second chin inside the original chin)?
3. Date and die marriage of the coin.
4. How many profiles: double, triple, quadruple, etc.?

   I am NOT studying  double die halves like the 1820 O-108 and not studying double struck halves but machine/ mechanical doubling. Dates involved cluster in the early teens, mid twenties, and a few in early 30's but almost any date can be affected. Doubling on the reverse  is mostly in the 1824-1825 range but can occur in other years.

         Please send information to gpeters(at)  

Glenn Peterson


Glenn Peterson also wrote in response to Bob Stark's comments in last week's JR Newsletter:

I wrote the report  to the newsletter May 3rd late at night trying to get the report out for the Sunday newsletter. In my hurry I did not get to the bust dollar, 1798 B 16, BB 110 which I demonstrated along with the 1829 LM 18 half dime. Other JRCS members displayed the dime, quarter, and halves. We had 3 examples  of the 1798 B 16 the latest being in mint state and had a full cud  left of the date. A beautiful coin!!  I got my share of ribbing from the collectors about the half dimes being too small to see "and now this coin (the bust dollar) I can see..."

Glenn Peterson

Finally, a reminder from the editor:

Nominations for the JRCS Hall of Fame class of 2014 are now OPEN. Announcement of the 2014 inductees will be made at the ANA JRCS meeting in August.

The membership is encouraged to send nominations for the hall. You can nominate candidates for either the veteran (those who contributed before the advent of JRCS) or the modern (those who have been members of JRCS) categories. Please include any pertinent information about the nominee that you feel necessary. Nominees will then be voted on by the HOF committee and the inductees will be announced at the annual meeting at the ANA convention in the summer. We look forward to seeing your nominations!

Please forward your nominations to bkaroleff(at) or to jrnewsletter(at)