Sunday, January 12, 2014

JR Newsletter: 12 January 2014 (174)

I returned from the FUN Show late last night and have spent much of today "catching up" with family and tasks around the house.  I did not have the opportunity to write up anything about my experiences at the show, but intend to do so for the next issue (in a nutshell:  I had a GREAT time with friends in the hobby and working with Rich Uhrich and Dave Perkins was super).  

 In the meanwhile, we have a few contributions from readers of the JR Newsletter:

John Wilson wrote: 

As I am unable to get to FUN, I would love to see a video of the Finkelstein yellow fever talk if it becomes available.

John D. Wilson, M.D

Winston Zack wrote:

I am trying to find an image of an 1835 JR-4 dime with reverse cud at the lower arrowheads. I am preferably looking for a large image of the reverse and the cud.

If anyone has an image handy and could send it to me I would appreciate it.

You can contact me at: stoneman101(at)


Finally, some very sad news. 

This news was reported to me via telephone call from Brad Karoleff, although I also saw it reported on the Collectors Universe Forum and in an email received from numismatic book dealer David Sklow.  Using Mr. Sklow's words: The entire Numismatic Literature community mourns the sudden passing of numismatic book dealer John Burns. John passed away while attending the F.U.N. Show on Saturday, he was a fixture at many shows around the east with his mountain of books for sale. He will be missed.