Sunday, October 18, 2015

JR Newsletter: 18 October 2015 (263)

Just one contribution this week:

James Hauser wrote:

I noted that in the most recent half dime auction, there were three remarriage half dimes that sold for quite a sum:

1831 LM-1.1 PCGS AU58+ sold for almost $2500
1832 LM-8.2 PCGS AU53 sold for more than $750
1832 LM-10.3 PCGS VF35 sold for more than $2,000

Some questions/observations:

1.  Why have half dime remarriages been recognized by collectors of the series as worth VERY STRONG bids, when remarriages in the other bust series haven't really attracted much attention?

2.  What drives collectors of half dime remarriages to collect the remarriages?  Isn't having the die marriage enough?  And why pay so much for a remarriage?