Sunday, October 21, 2012

JR Newsletter: 21 October 2012 (111)

Paul Kluth wrote in response to Richard Meaney:

Enjoyed reading your adventure today, especially since I also collect terminal die states on the various U.S. series.  Always cool when you find a surprise in the junk pile and even better when you win an auction for that prize, one a few others probably noticed too.



David Finkelstein wrote:

I have recently started a project to consolidate all copper, silver and gold Delivery Warrants / Treasurer Receipts from 1793 to 1836 into an Excel spreadsheet.

Delivery Warrants were written orders from the Director of the Mint to the Chief Coiner.  They specified the number of coins, by denomination, to be delivered to the Treasurer of the Mint.  Treasurer Receipts were receipts written by the Treasurer of the Mint.  They specified the number of coins, by denomination, that were received from the Chief Coiner.

It is my understanding that Delivery Warrant data is scattered throughout the document  files at the National Archives and Records Administration, and that the spreadsheet that I am attempting to create does not exist. Presently I have the following Delivery Warrant data:

1. In Appendix I of Die Varieties of Early United States Coins, Robert Hilt II lists the Delivery Warrants for Half Dimes through Eagles.  His warrant data is complete for warrants 1 through 110 (October 15, 1794 through February 28, 1798).  He then lists only 8 warrants from #111 to #307.

2. Bill Eckberg provided me Treasurer Receipts of Half Cent and Large Cent deliveries from 1793 to 1811.

3. Steve Tompkins has documented Quarter Delivery Warrants though 1828 on page 396 of Early United States Quarters, 1796-1838.

4. Brad Higgins has documented the 1801 - 1807 Half Dollar Delivery Warrants in the JRJ.

If anyone has Delivery Warrant or Treasurer Receipt data that is not identified above, please contact me at  The data that you provide will be noted in the spreadsheet.  Thanks in advance for your support of this project.

David Finkelstein