Sunday, July 15, 2012

JR Newsletter: 15 July 2012 (97)

Bob Stark wrote:

On the '00 B-17 dollar; Jonathan O. has the variety with a "collar" at Liberty's neck. There is a die state  "without collar". Checking with Dave Perkins (who graciously responded so well to Osborne) we know of two examples. I'd be glad to learn of other examples.

I look forward to your JRCS message each Sunday.

  Many thanks.
  Bob Stark 


Brad Karoleff wrote:
The Pierce dime is a wonderful example of the JR1 with the retained cud.  The March 2009 issue of the John Reich Journal has a chart of the known cuds on bust dimes and their estimated rarity submitted by Jim Matthews.  It lists the JR1 from 1833 as an R5-, one of the more common cuds.  This coin is a wonderful example of the retained cud and would command a "pretty" premium to a coin of the same grade without it.  A WONDERFUL find!  Congratulations!
Brad Karoleff