Sunday, December 27, 2020

JR Newsletter: 27 December 2020 (530)


Eric McClenathan wrote:


I finished reading the piece about the J.H. South Sale (Editor:  “Solving the Mystery of the J.H. South Sale (Stack’s May 24-25, 1951): The Role of Serendipity in Numismatic Research,” in the most recent issue of the John Reich Journal, November 2020).  I would like to applaud the authors Ted McAuley and Rory Rea for all the research they did in tracking down that name.  It just goes to show how research can lead you from one name or place to another and you find all the intertwining people, places and events.


I was also very interested in the Gentleman by the name of Thomas Lindsay Elder.  He seemed to be able to put auction items together very quickly …a bit too quickly for that matter.  I can see why people like John W. Adams began to notice flaws in Elder's catalogues. When someone has resources available and does not use them but is arrogant enough to rely just on their own memory then things can begin to go South ( no pun intended).  I can now see why Morton and Joseph Stack would be easily able to recruit Mr. Elder’s clients.  


Not much else going on here, just hoping that the February coin show will still be held, but it is one of those wait and see issues.  I guess if the whole covid issue shuts it down then I will do business via the internet and one friend/part time coin dealer that I know.  Please take care and be well.


Best Regards,

Eric McClenathan