Sunday, January 19, 2020

JR Newsletter: 19 January 2020 (481)

Joseph Lamonte wrote:

This is my first try with a show report.

I arrived in Orlando this year on Tuesday evening. Spent Wednesday morning viewing auction lots.  Took a break at noon and went back to hotel.  Dealer setup started at 2 o’clock and all of the dealers were waiting outside for the doors to open.  I helped a dealer friend set up and turned in some coins at PCGS for grading.  I then visited with a few dealers that were already finished with their setup process.  

Hit the bourse floor just after 8:30 am on Thursday.  Most of the dealers were at their tables by 9. The doors opened to the public at 10 am and the people poured in non stop all day Thursday.  There appeared to be serious buying and selling at every dealers table in the show.  Back to hotel by 5pm.

Friday was the JRCS meeting and then back on the bourse floor to catch a few dealers before the crowd arrived at 10.  Friday morning was also quite busy, maybe slightly less than Thursday.  There was still business being conducted throughout the hall.  Left the show at noon on Friday to start the drive home.

The highlight of the show for me is getting to visit with several dealer and collector friends and of course viewing many fantastic coins.  There were two original 1827/3 Quarters offered for sale and many finest known Draped Bust Dimes to mention just a few.  The FUN show is a great show that all collectors should try to attend.

Joseph Lamonte

Jim Matthews wrote:

The Winter 2020 FUN show was once again fantastic. Always well organized a pleasure to attend for both dealers and collectors. Most dealers arrive on Tuesday, the day before set up, in order to be ready for the set up rush at 2 pm on Wednesday. After catching up with many friends with the belated Happy New Years greetings, the throngs of dealers file through the doors passed security and begin to get set up. Early birds and dealers were soon circulating around and deals started happening even before most of us got inside the convention center. This show definitely had a good buzz, and dealers and collectors were there to buy coins. The early bird/set up day was even busier than usual, and my table mate Dave Perkins didn't leave the floor until closing time at 8 pm as people kept on coming by. Another late dinner!

Thursday was opening day for the public, and again, dealer set up was at 8 am, and those two hours flew by with people stopping and buying at every table, both dealers and early bird folks. By 10 when the main show opened to the public, it was busy, and stayed busy all day. Some collectors needed to trade coins in for items they wanted, others had capital to spend. The show was filled with coin buyers, not just public observers our business. 

Friday was similar, more dealing and everyone was trying to get around and walk the floor, but it was nearly impossible to get away from the table, someone was always coming by to buy! I had want lists to work on but never got away to do so as I needed to be attending to the selling side of business. The size of the FUN show makes it nearly impossible to get to see everyone, its absolutely immense and would take at least two full days to stop by every table and get more than a glance at what is available. If you couldn't find it at this show, its probably not out there!

Saturday is the day that most dealers pack up and leave, which is always a time of caution for security purposes. From all I heard from dealer and collector friends, the show was great. The auctions at Heritage had more than the usual abundance of great coins, but it always seems the ones I really like go for strong money. Before we all knew it, we were back home and finally getting some rest in the old Lay-Z-Boy chair after a long but productive week on the road.