Sunday, December 2, 2018

JR Newsletter: 2 December 2018 (422)

First this week, an announcement of the next census for the JR Journal:

Half Dime Census:

The officers of the JRCS are soliciting your half dime inventory information for inclusion in the Spring 2019 issue of the John Reich Journal.

 Please email your complete inventory listing, including all duplicates, of all your 1792, Draped Bust, Flowing Hair and Capped Bust half dimes to me. Any format that my iMac computer can read will work, so most spreadsheets and word processing files will be fine.  Even if you have a written list, you can take a picture of that written list and email it to me if you would like.  Please make the subject line of your email “Half Dime Census” and include your name and JRCS number.  

My email address is: richard.meaney(at)

 If you prefer, you may mail paper copies to me here:

Richard Meaney
3060 N Lazy Eight Court, Suite 2
PMB 294
Wasilla AK 99654

Please include the following information to the best of your ability:

-      Grade of each coin.  Grading company info (NGC, ANACS, CAC, PCGS, raw) is not needed.
-      Die Marriage or remarriage for each coin
-      Cud information for your coins with known cuds.  For example, if you report an 1830 LM-5 half dime in VF-20, I will assume the coin does not have a cud.  If you have one with a cud, something like “1830 LM-5 VF20 cud” will suffice.
-      If you would like to participate, but wish for your contribution to remain anonymous, just let me know.

Please respond no later than March 7, 2019 to ensure inclusion of your collection in this census. This is a hard cut-off date.  Questions? Let me know!

Richard Meaney

Next, from David Perkins:

Draped Bust Dollars:  The Series in Perspective – Parts I & II
For those interested in the early U.S. Silver Dollars 1794 to 1804 the Greysheet (Coin Dealer Newsletter (CDN)) has published an article by Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez, Editor, titled, “Draped Bust Dollars:  The Series in Perspective – Parts I & II.”  I love the early dollars, and have been collecting, researching, and writing about them for over 30 years now.  I was interviewed for this article.

Part I is dated November 29, 2018 is described as, “Early American coins are among the most widely collected and studied issues in all of numismatics.  Of the federal issues that the United States Mint coined in the 1790s and 1800s, perhaps no other silver coins have captured the hearts of collectors in the way the early American dollars have.  Struck from 1794 through 1804, these so-called “Bust” dollars, which include the Flowing Hair and Draped Bust types, have maintained a prominent place in numismatic cabinets since at least the mid 19th century.” 

Three major topics are discussed; Mystery Meets History With the Draped Bust Dollar, Draped Bust Dollars Scarce by Today’s Standards, and Truly Original Bust Dollars are rare.

Part II is dated November 30, 2018 with the McMorrow-Hernandez noting, “This blog post is the second segment of a two-art series analyzing the Draped Bust dollar of 1795-1804, one of the most popular early American coin series.”

Part II topics include Bust Dollar Pricing Trends and Draped Bust Dollar Varieties and Collecting Strategies.

I hope you enjoy the two articles. 

Website link to Flowing Hair Dollars:

Website link to Draped Bust Dollars:

W. David Perkins
Centennial, CO

Finally, Brad Karoleff wrote:

From last week’s list of Logan Library items for sale, the Overton has sold.  ALL OTHER ITEMS ARE NOW 20% OFF the listed prices.

As always, first to respond buys the lot plus shipping, either Book Rate or Priority; buyer’s choice.

1.  Five COAC books.  Coinages of the Americas Conference books issued by the ANS in NYC.  A collection of papers presented at the ANS during their conferences.  Included here are the following with some Logan tipins:

1986 America's Silver Coinage with some autographs
1989 America's Gold Coinage
1993 America's Silver Dollars
1996 America's Large Cent
1998 Circulating Counterfeits of the Americas

Great research by many of the Hobby's luminaries.  A must have for anyone's library.  All are very fine or better.
All 5 books for $175.

2.  United States Half Dimes by Valentine, the Durst reprint fine or better.
     Early Half Dollar Die Varieties by Overton, the 1970 edition, fifth printing, like new with dust jacket.
     The United States Early Silver Dollars by Bolender, 1950.  Some water staining and wear.  Not pretty but usable.  Includes Russ Tipins.
     Penny Whimsy by Sheldon, Quarterman reprint Fine with dustjacket exhibiting some tears.

All 4 books for $100.

3.  Selections from the Numismatist by the ANA, 1960, Fine with corner bump.
     The Fantastic 1804 Dollar, 1962 fine with Logan Tipins.

Both books for $65.

4.  Medals of the United States Mint by R W Julian, 1977 in near mint condition with, what else but more Logan Tipins.  $125.

5.  5 Volumes of Stacks auction catalogs of the famous John Ford Collection.  Included here are parts 3, 5, 6, 7 and 15. All are excellent condition with some light soiling.  

All 5 catalogs for $125.

6.  3 Important auction catalogs.  

W Earl Spies silver dollars by Stack's 1974 no PR excellent condition.
Will W Neil collection by Mehl 1947, with PR but slightly bent.
The United States Gold Collection by Bowers and Ruddy 1982, with PR corner bend to cover but still nice.

All 3 catalogs for $75.

7.  4 volume set of the Harry Bass Jr collection sold by Bowers and Merena, 1999-2000.  All catalogs show some light problems but are near mint, no PR.   Set of 4 for $125.

8.  3 volume set of the Norweb collection sold by Bowers and Merena, 1987-88.  First two volumes with PR.  All 3 show use and there are notes on individual lots made by Russ at the sale.  Set of 3 for $100.

9.  Lot of 3 items for the Eliasberg collection!  First, a prepublication copy of part of the catalog that Russ reviewed.  A hardbound copy of Louis E Eliasberg, Sr, King of Coins by QDB signed to Russ.  Lastly a Hardbound copy of the sale with the autographed bookplate numbered 112.  The books are near mint and there are Logan Tipins.  The lot for $150.

10.  Lastly for now.  A copy of the 1970 Revised Edition of Overton first printing SIGNED!  Overton passed soon after the issuance of his Revised Edition of his masterpiece.  They are very scarce with his signature, especially not dedicated to someone, as this one is showing only his signature.  Russ' working copy used as a checklist with notations.  Included is a conversion table from the first edition numbers to the ones we use today.  Book shows significant wear and has the notations mentioned before.  A great piece of half dollar history.   Yours for $150.

Please reply to bkaroleff(at) to order any of these books for your library.  Include your mailing address with your response and I will notify you of whether you were the winning bidder or not.