Sunday, January 20, 2019

JR Newsletter: 20 January 2019 (429)

David Perkins provided two contributions for this week’s JR Newsletter:

The 2019 FUN show had a “good buzz” and collectors and dealers were busy buying and selling.  Many of us were especially busy on Thursday and Friday.  There were over 600 Dealer Tables on the bourse!  

I came back to Denver and picked up a large stack of envelopes from my Post Office Box with JRCS membership dues checks and Reiver ballots for the John Reich Journal article of the year for Volume 28 (2018).  I was busy for a good part of one day this week entering dues payments, address changes, endorsing and depositing checks as JRCS Treasurer.  I appreciate the many kind notes / comments from the members.  

I thought I’d share few of these with JR Newsletter readers and JRCS members.  

One member commented on the John Reich Journal in 2018, stating “This past year the articles have been exceptional – so many it is hard to choose 3.”  Members can vote for up to three articles for the Reiver award for article of the year.

From a newer member, “I am Really enjoying my membership!!”

And lastly, from a member I know and see at larger shows during the year.  I collect Civil War Store Card tokens, as is he now -- in addition to collecting the Capped Bust Quarters.  “Hi Dave, Happy New Year!  As per our conversation last Fall in Baltimore, I have acquired 19 more Civil War Store Card tokens.  I now have a total of 124.  But, BUST QUARTERS FOREVER!!”  

For details on JRCS membership, see

JRCS Website:

If you haven’t sent in your dues for Volume 29 and / or your Reiver ballot for Volume 28 (2018) please do so.

W. David Perkins, Treas.
P.O. Box 3039
Centennial, CO  80161-3039

I would like to report a new and very nice example of the R-6 1806 O110 die marriage.  This example is graded as PCGS VF25 and is CAC approved.  The obverse die break from Liberty to the stars and rim make it pretty easy to attribute!  

Many JRCS Collectors, dealers, and others were able to view this newly discovered coin at my FUN Table last week.  This example has been reported to Steve Herrman who publishes Auction & Mail Bid Prices Realized for Bust Half Dollars 1794-1839

I’ve included the PCGS TruView photo for those who are interested.

W. David Perkins
Centennial, CO