Sunday, February 26, 2012

JR Newsletter: 26 February 2012 (77)

Michael J. Sullivan wrote:

Here is a question for our newsletter members:    Which auction house sold the HIGHLANDER COLLECTION?    What was the date of the sale?

I own a wonderful 1795 dollar BB-52, XF-40 (PCSG) dollar from the sale.  The coin is lustrous and fully original.   It is scare early die state for the variety between the Bowers-Borckardt die states I - II.

Thanks in advance to our members for the answer to the auction sale question.

Michael J. Sullivan

Brad Karoleff wrote:

Today, I shipped the index to John Reich Journal volumes one through twenty.  If a current, paid member of the JRCS does not receive a copy by March 3rd, please email me at bkaroleff (at)  The index was not funded by dues payments, instead it was paid for by fundraisers and donations. 


Richard Meaney wrote, in response to the inquiry about counterstamped bust quarters:

I am far from expert on bust quarters, but I can recommend two excellent sources of information on the E and L countermarks found on bust quarters.  Here they are:

-"Early United States Quarters 1796-1838" by Steve M. Tompkins.  See especially pages 351-357.

-"Early Quarter Dollars of the United States Mint 1796-1838" by Rory R. Rea, Dr. Glenn Peterson, Bradley S. Karoleff, and John J. Kovach, Jr.  See especially pages 325-330.

I do hope Tom can provide us with a picture or two of his coin once it comes back from PCGS!