Sunday, May 6, 2012

JR Newsletter: 6 May 2012 (87)

Winston Zack wrote:
In response to Tom's comment about using pop reports to determine "Grade Population of Bust Coins"
It is completely unreasonable to analyze TPG pop reports for this analysis given that in general people submit coins when it is economical.  Therefore TPG data is skewed towards representing a greater than normal proportion of higher grade coins and underrepresents lower graded coins.  On top of this, many times coins are resubmitted which artificially raises the population.  And on other occasions collectors just do not submit their coins to the TPG's.
To conduct this study as accurately as possible I need feedback from experienced collectors from a variety of series between Half-Dimes to Dollars.  Thus far I have not received many responses; just 3 responses so far in different series.  I would like at least 5 responses from 13 series (as listed below), in the following designated grades.
I know many of you can provide a rough approximation of % survivorship for different grades from 1 or more series.
Please send the responses to me (Winston) at: stoneman101 (at)
Grade Categories:MS = x%
AU = x%
EF = x%
VF = x%
F = x%
VG = x%
G (and lower) = x%

Here are the Series:FH Half-Dimes (1794-1795)
Draped Bust Half-Dimes (1796-1805)
Capped Bust Half Dimes (1829-1837)

Draped Bust Dimes (1796-1807)
Capped Bust Dimes (1809-1837) (1 response)

Draped Bust Quarters (1796-1807)
Capped Bust Quarters (1815-1828) (1 response)
Capped Bust Quarters (1831-1838) (1 response)

FH Half-Dollars (1794-1795)
Draped Bust Half Dollars (1796-1807)
Capped Bust Half-Dollars (1807-1836)

FH Dollars (1794-1795)
Draped Bust Dollars (1795-1803)