Sunday, October 23, 2016

JR Newsletter: 23 October 2016 (316)

We have a few contributions this week, including the first from Rick Andrews that features some photos.

Rick Andrews wrote:

Wanted to share my recent good fortune and add to Jim Matthews' reference on the retained cuds on 1833 JR-4 dimes. I also have a similar JR-4 with retained cud in an ANACS AU55. In addition I have provided photos of a late die state similar to Reiver's state g that I have.

While not a cud, I obtained a 1814 extremely late die state JR-2 just as described in the "Bust Dime Variety Identification Guide". The photos aren't the best but you can see what I referenced. The obverse is missing star 10 & most of star 11. The reverse has two bulges, one on America blocking 'e to a and the other beginning of United, 'U down thru left side of leaves. This is also similar to the Reiver's 1814 JR-2 listed as NCS, damaged, VF Details. (editor's note: the obverse photo of the 1814 was not recoverable, so just the reverse is provided)

My only addition the last couple of months was an upgrade of a 1823 bust dime from the Gorman collection, but October has turned out to be a great month. Collectors have told me and I have experienced that finding nice coins seems to come in bunches. I found the 1814 last week at the Indiana Numismatics coin show in Indianapolis. Also I bought a nice VF 1831 O-117 R4 from Brad Karoleff. Earlier in the month I obtained a 1823 broken 3 bust half, though only in fine, for my Bust Half Red Book variety set. Now I won from an 1833 JR-2 R4+ (oversized dentil below 1) NGC VF30 as an upgrade. I have a JR-2 NGC Fine 12 available if anyone needs one.

I hope others can have a great month and enjoy the experience of finding key or just very nice bust material. Continue to have fun and enjoy the hobby.

Rick Andrews


From Brad Karoleff:

The next issue of the John Reich Journal is due out soon but I have a problem.

We do not have enough submissions to fill the issue.  Do you have anything ready for publication that you can send?  The Bust Quarter census will be in this issue, so anything relating to the quarters would be complimentary.  Your submission does not have to be on quarters, anything will help.


From Peter Mosiondz, Jr:

I have some coin books that I want to sell.

Coins and Collectors, Q. David Bowers. 1988 Bowers and Merena reprint. 214 pages. SB. New. $5.00

A Guide Book of United States Coins 2017: The Official Red Book, R.S. Yeoman and Kenneth Bressett.     464 pages. Spiral Bound. New. $7.00

 Virgil Brand: The Man and His Era, Q. David Bowers. 248 pages. HB. New. $15.00

The History of United States Coinage as Illustrated by the Garrett Collection, Q. David Bowers. 572 pages.  HB. New. $20.00

The Early Coins of America, Sylvester S. Crosby. 1983 Quarterman reprint. DJ protected in Brodart Mylar. 378 pages plus appendix and plates. New. $15.00

United States Large Cents 1793-1857, Warren A. Lapp and Herbert A. Silberman. 1975 Quarterman reprint. 647 pages. HB. DJ protected in Brodart Mylar. $10.00

Add $4.00 Media Mail postage. 

I will not be available to answer calls or emails on Sunday October 23. 
Only one each is available.

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