Sunday, July 3, 2011

JR Newsletter: 3 July 2011 (43)

Pete Smith wrote:

Attached are images of an item that sold on eBay on June 28, 2011.  It realized $710 Canadian dollars with four bidders and twelve bids.
The image quality is poor, but it is an obvious copy to me. There was a question and answer posted before bidding closed.
Q:  The 1792 half disme, is it a restrike?
A:  I don't know sorry thank you for interest.
The seller has a Canadian address. I suppose this makes him less liable for prosecution under the "Hobby Protection Act" or laws against passing counterfeit U. S. coins. Other lots on his sales were mosly low value coins. There were other low quality images of U. S. coins offered including a couple of other half dimes.
Pete Smith

Paul Hybert wrote:
2011 Summer ANA, Final Call for Exhibits

Although the ANA's 2011 Anniversary convention is still six weeks
away, completed exhibit applications must be received at ANA
headquarters by July 20; if you were working on an exhibit,
please do not miss this deadline.  Send any questions to
the local exhibits committee at

Suggestions on forming an exhibit can be found on the main ANA
exhibiting page at
and the page
has links to everything for exhibitors: rules, application,
and more.

Remember, the exhibits must be in place by the early Tuesday morning
opening of the convention, and the exhibits cannot be removed until
very late on Saturday afternoon (when the convention closes).

Collector exhibits will not be the only attraction during
August 16-20, Tuesday through Saturday.  The ANA web site has
a schedule of events, including club meetings, featured speakers,
and other activities.  A link to the schedule is at