Sunday, June 13, 2021

JR Newsletter: 13 June 2021 (535)


It has been almost two months since we received any input/contributions for publication!  We have two contributions this week:

Richard Meaney and David Perkins announce that Richard has sold his complete set of capped bust half dimes to David Perkins Numismatics.  Some notable features of the set, at the time of the sale, include the following:


-       All 123 die marriages and remarriages are represented

-       100% are in PCGS holders with attribution on the label

-       100% of coins are in straight-graded PCGS holders

-       95/123 coins are CAC

-       4 coins are gold CAC

-       48 coins are top pop or tied for top pop for the variety at PCGS

-       62 coins are top or second in JRCS 2019 condition census

-       5 coins are plate coins from the Logan-McCloskey half dime book

-       Notable provenances of the coins include Pittman, Newman, Childs, Reiver, Logan, McCloskey, David Davis, Peterson, Crain, and Matthews


Half dime collectors and other interested parties can contact Perkins concerning his plans with the coins:  wdperki(at)

Here is a link to the set on the PCGS Set Registry site:

(note that at the time of publishing this newsletter, the PCGS website is wonky and is not displaying set images at all)



Brad Karoleff wrote:


The ANA has finalized their schedule for the upcoming convention in Chicago.


JRCS will have our annual meeting on Wednesday morning at 8:30AM in room 7 of the Stephens Convention Center.  We hope to see you there.


There will be a journal coming out just before the convention.  I do still, however, need some content.  Please consider sending something for inclusion in the next issue ASAP.




Brad Karoleff