Sunday, December 19, 2010

JR Newsletter: 19 December 2010 (15)

Just one contribution this week.
Jim Matthews wrote:
Congratulations to WZ on finding the late retained cud on the 1834 JR-4 dime! I haven't seen one of those yet and will now be looking for an example with the cud. That's a great find.
Russ Logan always said he believed all the reverse dies were used until a cud formed, at least from the period of 1829 on to 1837 from what we've seen, this appears to be true. There were seven reverse dies last used in 1829, but so far JRCS collectors have only found developed cuds on two of those (JR-4 and JR-5 from 1829). By the end of the series in 1837 the last few remaining reverses dies may have been retired for the design chance to the Gobrecht series, but any other dies are fertile grounds for searching to find cuds. There are at least a half dozen dies that were last used in the 1830s with no known cuds on them, so keep on searching!