Sunday, December 31, 2017

JR Newsletter: 31 December 2017 (376)

David Kahn wrote with a quick reminder about FUN:

Just a quick reminder to see David Kahn Rare Coins early at FUN show table #235.  We are literally loaded for bear!  Do you happen to need almost any rare Capped Bust half dollar variety?  We have them.  Not just R6's like 1817-104a, 1823-113, 1837-137 and 1831-120, but we also have a PCGS AU 1836-121, and an AU OGH 1827-137 and many, many others from the Montross and Hill Top collections.  Perhaps you like other early series?  How about a lovely, PCGS XF45 1804 $5, Small 8 over Large 8, BD-5, R6+?  Maybe what you really need is an affordable, PCGS graded 1831 B7, R5+ quarter, or a lovely PCGS F15 CAC 1802 JR-4 dime, or an incredibly pleasing, smooth, chocolate brown 1786 Vermontensium copper, PCGS XF45, or a magnificent, PCGS AU58 CAC 1927-S Walker?   Point is, we have a huge selection of just about everything.  Every coin noted here is in our Newps, and will be offered for the first time at FUN, along with our other 250 or so Newps.  Plus, we will have 50 copies of the Second printing of Dick Graham's, "A Register of Die Varieties of Reeded Edge Half Dollars, 1836-1839".  We look forward to seeing you soon!  Happy New Year to all, and travel safe.


From the editor:  Sounds like I'm going to miss a great FUN show.  Not only does David Kahn have a lot to offer, but I have seen/heard/read about others who would be "for sure visits" at the show.  Sheridan Downey has an auction for half dollars, David Perkins is sharing a table with Gerry Fortin, Rich Uhrich has a table and Reeded Edge Half Dollar expert and author Dick Graham will be working with him at the table.  The JRCS has a meeting on Friday at 8:30, with the BHNC following in the same room at 9:45.  The FUN show is always a good experience.  The show packs a lot of numismatic joy into a few short days!  I do hope those of you who attend the show take some time to share some of your experiences with other readers of the JR Newsletter.  Richard