Sunday, February 9, 2014

JR Newsletter: 9 February 2014 (178)

Brad Karoleff wrote:

The JRCS is having a meeting at the March Whitman Baltimore convention on Friday afternoon March 28,at 4PM. We need a volunteer to host the meeting and someone to give a short presentation. Can anyone help us with either position?  We really do need some help on this, as I can't be there.

Thank you,

Glenn Peterson wrote:

Hello JRCS members,

I am doing the Bust Quarter census and will appreciate your sending me your census to me at gpeters(at) 

I need  to have your census in the next two weeks so I can meet the deadline for the next JR Journal. Thank you for your  participation.

Glenn Peterson

Winston Zack wrote:

Has anyone seen or own any intentionally elongated Bust Dimes or Bust Half-Dimes? I just purchased an example of an elongated Bust Dime on a whim because I had never seen or heard of one. I will post a photo of the elongated Bust Dime when it arrives, hopefully next week.

Also, if anyone has an image of an 1835 JR-4 Bust Dime with reverse cud, I would be interested in seeing what the cud looks like.


Richard Meaney wrote:

The JRCS has entered into an agreement with Bryce Brown of Avon, CT in which Bryce will be the exclusive distributor of JRCS-owned back issues of the John Reich Journal.  As many of you know, previously the JRCS had volunteer members who would store the back issues at their homes and respond to requests for back issues.  Not only was storing thousands of issues quite the task for a volunteer like me, but the process for inventorying, pricing, and shipping was cumbersome.  With Bryce Brown as our distributor, JRCS members and others interested in the research available in our back issues of the Journal can easily find out which issues are available and what the shipped price will be.  All one needs to do is go to Bryce's web site:

You will note that Bryce is a professional book dealer who also has many other books, periodicals, journals, and catalogs.  In fact, I noted this morning that he has one complete set of the John Reich Journal offered for less than $800.  Having seen complete sets sell in the past, I think that's a very good price!

The Board of Directors of the JRCS agreed that this arrangement was the best long-term solution for our membership.  Bryce will offer quick, professional service and members will be able to swiftly and easily determine which back issues are available.  I encourage each of you to visit Bryce's website to see how nicely he has arranged the listing of back issues of the John Reich Journal.

I will put a permanent announcement on the JRCS Blog ( that contains a link to Bryce's website.  If you wish to contact Bryce, he can be reached via email at or just visit his website for more information:

Bryce is offering free shipping this month for all orders of JR Journals.  Also, you will notice that there is extremely low stock of some of the older back issues.  If you think you need one of the early issues to complete your set, I encourage you to order sooner rather than later!