Sunday, December 22, 2019

JR Newsletter: 22 December 2019 (477)

Brad Karoleff wrote:

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Also, for those attending the FUN show in a couple weeks we will be having a meeting on Friday morning at 8:30AM in room W303A.  David Finkelstein will be our featured speaker and he will be talking about the mint coinage act of 1792.  Hope to see many of you there.

Happy Holidays!

Brad Karoleff

Ron Guth wrote:

By Ron Guth

This list of top condition 1820 Dimes combines the Small O, Large O, and STATESOFAMERICA varieties. Because there is some confusion as to what constitutes a Small O versus a Large O, I’ve listed JR numbers instead.  Future installments will present Census listings for each of the individual varieties.  

Regarding the previous installment on 1814 Dimes, Alan Weinberg recalled purchasing a Gem 1814 Dime from a Lester Merkin sale for $675, but I have been unable to identify the sale or lot number.

PCGS MS68 (JR-9) 50069319
Heritage 8/1995:6010 (as NGC MS68), $33,000 - Heritage 11/2003:5955 (crossed to PCGS MS68 50069319), not sold - James W. Lull Collection - Bowers & Merena 1/2005:666 (as PCGS MS68), $74,750

PCGS MS67 CAC (JR-2) 06661564
Oliver Jung Collection - Heritage 8/2014:5561 (as PCGS MS67 CAC 06661564), $152,750

PCGS MS67 (JR-2) 13439220
Liberty Collection (as PCGS MS67 13439220)

NGC MS67 (JR-2) 652327-007
Goldbergs 1/2014:1054 (as NGC MS67), $38,775 - Eugene H. Gardner Collection, Part IV - Heritage 10/2015:98219 (as NGC MS67 652327-007), $27,025

PCGS MS66 CAC (JR-1) 90072205
Benchmark, sold privately in 2/2003 - Eugene H. Gardner Collection, Part I - Heritage 6/2014:30235 (as PCGS MS66 CAC 90072205), $67,562.50

PCGS MS66 (JR-11) 05514488
Heritage 1/2004:2031 (as PCGS MS66 05514488), $21,850 - James Mossman Collection - Heritage 1/2009:3679 (as PCGS MS66 05514488), $27,600 - Joseph C. Thomas Collection - Heritage 4/2009:2228 (as PCGS MS66 05514488), $25,300 - Stack's/Bowers 8/2018:1112 (as PCGS MS66 05514488), $20,400

PCGS MS66 (JR-10) 50041281
Cody’s Set (PCGS Set Registry) (as PCGS MS66 50041281

PCGS MS65+ (JR-10) 31914896
Superior 5/1999:1998 (as NGC MS66), not sold - Larry Hanks, sold privately in 1/2004 - D. Brent Pogue Collection, Part III - Stack's/Bowers & Sotheby's 2/2016:3019 (as PCGS MS65+ 31914896), $21,150 - D.L. Hansen Collection (as PCGS MS65+ 31914896)

PCGS MS65 (JR-4) 35297072
Heritage 4/2017:4023 (as PCGS MS65 35297072), $14,688

PCGS MS65 (JR-5) 35697071

Additional comments:
At least eight 1820 Dimes are known at the PCGS MS65 or NGC 65 grade level.

Please send any comments, edits, additions, or corrections to info(at)  This Census is provided for information purposes only and may be incomplete or contain errors.  Any updates will be published in future editions.