Sunday, March 4, 2018

JR Newsletter: 4 March 2018 (385)

Bill Nyberg wrote:

The Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association's 69th Annual Convention is March 16-18 at the Tukwila Community Center. On Saturday, two JRCS member presentations are scheduled in the Numismatic Theater. Gawain O'Connor collects Flowing Hair half dollars by die marriage, and will speak on these fascinating coins at 1:00. I will be giving a presentation on Chief Engraver Robert Scot at 12:00, and will have many examples of Scot's engraving.

More information is on the PNNA website Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association 

Thank you,

Bill Nyberg

Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association

William Nyberg
Keynote presentation - "Robert Scot - First Appointed Chief Engraver of the US Mint 1793 to 1823," including exhibit of 18th Century books showing some of Robert Scot’s work. (Also see related article in The Nor'wester.)
1:00 PM
Gawain O’Connor
"Flowing Hair Half Dollars 1794-1795." Presenting all the known varieties of the first half dollar designed by Robert Scot.

Jim Koenings wrote:

NEW  BOOK  ON  1836 - 1839 HALF  DOLLARS

Even with 425 copies of Dick Graham's fantastic book "A Registry of Die Varieties of Reeded Edge Half Dollars 1836-1839" produced, there are still too few collectors that know about Reeded Edge Halves.  I am attempting to inform additional collectors with my new book entitled "Reeded Edge Half Dollars 1836-1839 - R-4 to R-8 Die Varieties.  The book covers the history of previous authors on the subject and includes extra large photos of the 17 rarest die varieties (not including 1838-O, a proof only issue).  There are 38 photos, usually 6" in diameter, along with arrows pointing to the most obvious attributes.  The book has protective Mylar covers along with a spiral binding that allows you to open the book and lay it flat to see both pages of a particular die variety.  Below is a photo of the cover:

It is now available to JRCS members for $29 which includes shipping and handling.  If you would like a copy, please send a check or money order to:

            Jim Koenings
            P.O. Box 2382
            Riverside, CA 92516

If you would like your copy sooner, you can send payment through Paypal to my email address of bustcoin1(at)