Sunday, February 1, 2015

JR Newsletter: 1 February 2015 (226)

The minds of many are on topics other than coins today, but we do have a couple things numismatic for you to consider.

 Ron Swerdloff wrote:

The talk by Winston Zack on contemporary counterfeit bust dimes sounds like a terrific topic. I have never had a face to face meeting with Winston although we have communicated on a number of occasions about an area of common numismatic interest: 3 cent silver coins. In the process of collecting this relatively out of favor small US coin I acquired a number of contemporary counterfeits. In the present inflated world it is hard imagine the effort/gain ratio of making small numbers of small coins but there apparently was a perceived benefit or perhaps a pleasure in fooling people. My interests have evolved over my numismatic years into Colonial “American” and Spanish Coins. These coins were routinely counterfeited and in the latter case I have an example of a contemporary Spanish 8 Real counterfeit with a contemporary counterfeit English counter-stamp. I suspect that the two counterfeit efforts were serial rather than concurrent.

I hope I can join other members of JRCS at Winston’s talk.

Ron Swerdloff

John Okerson wrote:
I haven’t heard much about JRCS participation and activities at the forthcoming EAC conference.  I’d sure like to know so I might optimize my time there. 

John Okerson