Sunday, April 29, 2012

JR Newsletter: 29 April 2012 (86)

A reminder about the die marriages to bring with you for study at the EAC-JRCS "Happenings" next week:

Half Dime 1833 LM3
Dime 1834 JR2
Quarter 1818 B6
Half Dollars 1812 O107, and 1818 O115


Tom Little wrote:

 Thanks for the periodic updates here.

I have the Bust quarter that I mentioned before, it is now being graded at NGC:
1825/4      ""L"" STAMP      B-3      25C

It seems the "Browning 3" is rarer than the "Browning 2"--25/3--for the counterstamped coins.  Not much information on this variety except in your old periodicals.

Also, in response to Winston Zack:  To do an accurate population analysis regarding this query I would consult the ANACS, PCGS and NGC populations.  NGC lists 5185 Bust quarters certified with specific breakdowns.  There are going to be many coins XF and under that are uncertified.  I have bought and sold quite a few in the last few months. NGC lists the following breakdown from "poor" to "MS67" with 159 being the number on the low end and 9 the number of MS67s:

Total     25C        MS        5185    159    207    309    341    765    291    441    204    185    380    579    18    127    269    307    412    120    62    9

Regards, Tom