Sunday, August 25, 2013

JR Newsletter: 25 August 2013 (154)

Glenn Peterson wrote:

Hi JRCS members
    I am just back from Chicago ANA and it was a great one. For me it was special because of my submitting my entire bust half collection to PCGS for encapsulation. I sent 593 coins including  my capped bust half set of 446 marriages: preturbs and special die states and some duplicates. It was nerve wracking to go through Chicago traffic with my retirement in the back seat. But all went well and they are with PCGS for encapsulation, grading, photography and inclusion of the capped bust halves in a registry set. PCGS staff including Don Willis were very courteous and helpful in the process. Special thanks to Richard Meaney who visited me and helped me prepare the submission. 
   Now to the meetings They were well attended and there was a lively discussion in each but they were not recorded. The JRCS meeting was well attended and  I made a number of new friends at the meeting. Dave Finkelstein gave a presentation of the COLORS on bust coinage. By this he meant the various shield designs which depicted the colors red white and blue or gules argent and azure lines. Quite interesting. His research of early bust coinage is very interesting and welcomed by the audience. The Bust Quarter Collector Society met on Wednesday afternoon.  Mark Borckhardt attended and discussed with us the Eric Newman auction which contains many of the coins from Browning's original plate coins. Steve Tompkins expressed interest in working on a web site for BQCS in the future. I gave a presentation on the E and L counterstamped coins of 1815 and 1825 and expounded on the various theries as the how and why they were placed on the coins. I was discussing the theory proposed by Ted McCauley when I recognized Ted in the audience and let him finish describing his research on the shortage of $26.75 received by Planter's bank in Louisiana in 1815 corrected by the mint possibly with the counterstamped coins. We had a lively discussion about these interesting coins.
      On Thursday afternoon we had a meeting of the Bust Half Nut Club. Attending the meeting was a number of BHNC members and several interested in future membership. We discussed the purpose of the BHNC to promote the collecting of bust halves, advance education about these beautiful coins, and share friendship with other collectors pursuing the bust halves. I then gave a presentation on the remarriages of capped  bust halves including the remarriage of 1827 O-108 and 1828 O-101 involving their shared reverse; remarriage of 1828 O-123 and 1828 O-122 with chip forming at S5-6 on the obverse; and  remarriage of 1828 O-118 and 1829 O-110 with progressive clashing and cracking of the reverse A.  Lively discussion followed my presentation. 
   Glenn Peterson
Brad Karoleff wrote:
I have recently purchased a copy of Early US Dimes by Davis et al. 
The dust jacket is rough with a few chips, tears and one tape repair.  The book and contents are very nice.  There are no notes in the text and will serve it's new owner well for many years.  The errata photograph of the 1820 JR13 is included correcting the mistaken photo in the text.  If anyone needs one of these, please contact me as I still have a few that Russ gave to me for distribution many years ago.  
The book is $325. delivered to the first person who emails me at bkaroleff (at)
I also have one without the dust jacket that I will sell for the same price.
Additionally, I recently came across one of the deluxe editions signed by all the authors that I will sell for $500 delivered. 
I also have a couple of the half dime books in stock for $150 delivered.
Brad Karoleff, Coins +