Sunday, February 5, 2012

JR Newsletter: 5 February 2012 (74)

Dave Wnuck wrote about a Possible Hybrid Between a Half Eagle and a Bust Quarter on an 1811 Contemporary Counterfeit 1811 $5:

Hi JRCS Members:
I have an intriguing contemporary counterfeit 1811 $5 gold coin in my collection.  I have had it for a while, but I have never seen another specimen in my 20+ years of collecting contemporary counterfeits. 
So – I thought I would ask the question of the membership: Does anyone else have an example of this?
The most interesting aspect of this item is: the design seems to be a hybrid between an 1811 $5 and a Bust Quarter of the 1815-28 type.  Most obvious is the eagle on the reverse.  The eagle’s wingtips point downward on both this specimen and on bust quarters, but the wingtips point toward the sky on genuine half eagles of the period.  Yet the denomination of “5 D.” and the gold wash still clinging to the specimen clearly show what denomination the counterfeiter was aiming for.
Here are the specs on this coin:
1811 contemporary counterfeit US Half Eagle.
Struck in copper with crude false dies.  Gold washed, with traces of gold still visible.
6.11 grams (compared with 8.75 grams for a genuine specimen)
26.5 mm diameter (compared with 25 mm for a genuine specimen)
Reeded edge.
Rings like a bell.
I would be interested to hear any and all thoughts and observations on this “coin”.
Dave Wnuck 

Editor's note:  Click on the image below to view a larger version of Dave's coin:


Dick Kurtz wrote:

I was fortunate to win a copy (so marked on the reverse) of a Birch Cent at the JRCS meeting at the January 2012 FUN show. Does anyone who attended that meeting know who made it? Copy or not, it's a neat piece to own.

Dick Kurtz #049

Van Walworth wrote:

I read with interest Winston's report of his 1825 JR-4 obverse cud find... and would love to see a photo of the 1834 JR-4 reverse full cud example he discovered... Thx... Van

Nathan Markowitz wrote about the upcoming EAC-JRCS meeting in Buffalo, NY:

This is the LAST CALL for anyone who wishes to share their enthusiasm and knowledge about early federal silver with fellow collectors of both the silver and copper type at the May 3-6 EAC/JRCS show.  The talks will be given Friday May 5 and Saturday May 6.  If you plan to attend please consider sharing your passion for early silver with like-minded collectors. I can be reached at cascades1787 (at)