Sunday, April 5, 2020

JR Newsletter: 5 April 2020 (492)

We had a couple of really quick responses to last week’s “challenge” to identify a near slick capped bust half dollar.  

Steve Herrman responded first and wrote, “I am pretty certain that the Lettered Edge half dollar is 1817 O-113 R2.  Anyone else reply yet?”

Dave Perkins wrote, “I’ll bet Russ Logan could have figured out the date from the edge on the Capped Bust half dollar!”

Shortly thereafter, Lance Keigwin replied:

The slick bust half is an 1817 O.113.

Not much is there, but what is turns out to be very useful.

Obverse: the position of S8 relative to the cap is very unusual. Extremely high. We have a couple other star positions to compare as well.

Reverse: the location of the numeral 5 in 50C relative to the talons and arrow feathers above is useful, and the Olive stem relative to the C in 50C is also uncommon.

I did a couple of overlays you might enjoy. (see the two animated overlay gif below)

The overlays were a best I could do given that the images of the slick were not square to the camera. So I had to tweak them a bit. Higher resolution would have been but so it goes.

Also keep in mind, as you know, bust half planchets were not consistently positioned before striking so there is a slight difference in centering between the two sets of images.


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In reference to the “Half Dime Lunch Room” mentioned in the 22 March 2020 edition of the JR Newsletter, Pete Smith wrote:

The Half Dime Lunch Room is mentioned in a book, Hartford and its Points of Interest, published in 1895. The Half Dime Lunch Room is described on page 74.  Here are three related images.



Greg Cohen wrote:

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