Sunday, August 5, 2012

JR Newsletter: 5 August 2012 (100)

I had a feeling that with ANA Summer Show up and running (the pre-ANA show is now going on and many people are headed to Philadelphia tomorrow and Tuesday), there would not be too many contributions this week.  Turns out I was right.  We had no contributions.  However, I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a couple of the things that the ANA Summer Show will bring us this year and make a pitch for contributions for next week.  So in no particular order, here are some things on my mind vis-à-vis the ANA:

- The JRCS Annual Meeting will be on Wednesday morning at 8:00 AM in room 105B of the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  The highlight of the meeting will be an educational presentation by Dick Graham on his new book on the previously under-researched series of Reeded Edge Half Dollars.  If you are attending the ANA, you absolutely need to see and hear this presentation. Dick will have copies of the book available for purchase least unless/until he sells out of the ones he brings!

-Typically, JRCS members gather for a couple of hours after dinner on Wednesday night at the hotel room of a JRCS member for the purpose of talking about coins, catching up with old friends, and making new friends.  No plans have been announced for the "JRCS Open House" but I expect an announcement to be made at the JRCS Annual Meeting by whomever volunteers his room for the event.  Here's a hint:  if you have coins to buy or sell (or just show off for others to envy!) and think your coins will appeal to a collector, you might want to bring them to this "open house."

-Many of you will have stories or experiences at the show that would be great to share with other readers of the JR Newsletter.  Send me a brief or lengthy note when you can so that I can publish your story.  As a collector who doesn't get to go to all of the cool shows, I know I appreciate living vicariously from the stories of others on their finds, experiences, and lessons learned.

I hope to see some of you at the show!

Richard Meaney