Sunday, November 23, 2014

JR Newsletter: 23 November 2014 (216)

We have two contributions this week.

John Okerson wrote with a second inquiry regarding obtaining an ORIGINAL version of the Reiver VIM for half dimes (not a photo copy):

Wanted!  Does anyone have Jules Reiver's Variety Identification Manual for United States Dimes 1796-1837 that they would be willing to part with?  Hard to tell if it even exists.
John Okerson

Jim Matthews wrote:

Happy Thanksgiving to all my numismatic friends! I hope that everyone can take a day or two out of this busy time to reflect on the blessings of the year, our families, friends and adventures of 2014. Each person has their own abundance and now is the time to recognize these gifts. This has been another year of change and excitement for me, which is a continuing theme in my life. Collections come and go, but the friends stay on and grow!

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at FUN and at shows in the future.