Sunday, March 22, 2020

JR Newsletter: 22 March 2020 (490)

David Perkins wrote:

Every menu item a Half Dime!  

This menu from the Half Dime Lunch Room offered “5C each for all Dishes Served.”  This menu is from the collection of the late Stephen Crain, known to many of us as “Mr. Half Dime.”  Stephen collected, studied, and wrote about the Early, Capped Bust, and Liberty Seated Half Dimes from 1982 to around 2018 and was a long time Secretary of JRCS.

The 1834 Capped Bust Half Dime cutout is also from his collection.  

I hope everyone is staying safe.  

W. David Perkins
Centennial, CO


Steve Herrman wrote:  

I am hopeful that all JRCS members are following the health guidelines and taking extra care of themselves and their loved ones during the COVID-19 outbreak. These are trying times. However, if you are at home and have access to your coins, now is a great opportunity to spend more time studying and organizing your collection.

As a passionate collector of the Bust half dollars attributed to Overton and as a recorder of auction information for the Bust halves and the early silver dollars, I continue unabated.

new publication is now available, the 2020 Complete Edition of the AMBPR for Bust half dollars, shall become available at the end of March. The last Complete Edition was published in 2015. This edition lists the 66,000+ auction records in the AMBPR database from major auctions and mail bid sales held during the past 35+ years. First, the records are presented in order by die variety, grade, and date. A second section presents the records in order by auction and lot number. The only reasonable way to distribute this massive volume is in searchable PDF format on CD-ROM via the US Mail to your provided address. The PDF file may be copied to your smartphone, iPad, or desktop computer. In all, there are 2297 pages of searchable information. The price is $50 postpaid to JRCS and BHNC members ($60 to others).

This past week (late March 2020), over 85 copies of the Spring 2020 revision of Auction & Mail Bid Prices Realized for Bust Half Dollars 1794-1839 were distributed to collectors and dealers all over the country. 272 pages, $24 PDF, $34 printed, $40 both.

In late December 2019, the inaugural edition of Auction Prices Realized for Early Silver Dollars 1794-1803 was published. 61 pages, $25 PDF, $35 printed, $40 both.

In late June 2020, the 8th revision of Auction Prices Realized for Certified & Graded Bust Half Dollars 1794-1839 shall be published. Approx. 150 pages, $20 PDF, $30 printed, $35 both.

All the above publications are available in searchable PDF format. The availability of printed copies is limited. Please contact me at herrman102(at)

P.S. For recording your collection by die marriage, I maintain an MS Excel spreadsheet which includes worksheets for the early half dimes, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars. Rarity ratings and designations are taken from the census surveys published regularly in the John Reich Journal. Totals and averages are calculated automatically. I would be glad to provide a copy to anyone who wants one via email.

Best Regards,

Steve Herrman

Patrick Bain wrote:

JRCS has a new Facebook group for it's members.
Here is a link for any interested members to join:

This Facebook group is intended for education and communication for dues-paying members in good standing. It is a forum for people to ask questions, post pictures, inquire for opinions, and share information. It isn’t intended to be a buy and sell site, but members can certainly communicate directly between themselves with private messages. In addition to direct postings by group members, the JRCS will also post information on upcoming events, and serves as a supplement to our website,


A final thought from Richard Meaney:

Anyone experiencing banks closing down and not allowing access to safe deposit boxes?  Was wondering about that today and figuring most will reason, “it is just a temporary thing.”  Anyone else considering how the hobby and the recent events intertwine?