Wednesday, July 14, 2010

John Reich's Memorandum of Employment

Brad Higgins recently sent me some interesting photographs and information gathered when he was examining documentation of the early Mint. I'm working on a blog post on one set of photographs about mintages, but wanted to post this information more expeditiously.  Brad writes:  I have included "a draft of John Reich's memorandum of employment; I believe the formal copy doesn't exist. It is not in the hand of Patterson. Close examination will reveal that this was a mere scrap of paper when the draft was written in 1807. Mention of this draft can be found in Stewart Witham's tome on Reich."

Here are the images of the scrap paper.  The second image is the "flip side" of the paper shown in the first image.  As with all photos in this blog, if you click on the photos you can view a much larger version.