Sunday, August 31, 2014

JR Newsletter: 31 August 2014 (204)

We have one contribution this week.  I am sure you will enjoy it!

Kay Olson Freeman wrote:

You can add this information to what David Perkins wrote:

JOSEPH COLVIN RANDALL was born June 17, 1832, in Philadelphia, PA.
Died June 2, 1901, age 69, at his residence 1905 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
At his death, from chronic intestinal nephritis, he was retired and married.  He was baptized Roman Catholic.
Buried Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia.
1880 US Census for Philadelphia - occupation listed as "numismatist."
Randall did other things such as real estate investment.
I think he married twice. 
He had only 1 surviving child, a son, Washington West Randall.
That son born August 19, 1861, Philadelphia.
Son in real estate.  Married late - between 1910 and 1920.
Son moved to Los Angeles, CA by 1920 Census and may die there Dec. 27, 1931 -  his wife died there 1924.

There is an advertisement in NY Tribune, Saturday, October 16, 1869:
"A. Merwin, Auctioneer.  By Bangs, Merwin & Co., Broadway corner 4th.
Monday and Tuesday, October 18 & 19, 6 PM.
A valuable collection of coins and medals, the property of J. Colvin Randall of Philadelphia,
consisting of American gold, silver and copper Colonial and Washington pieces.  Also,
a fine assortment rare and valuable pattern pieces, with a few miscellaneous coins and medals."

There is an article in a Utica, NY newspaper, Feb. 22, 1898 on 1804 dollars. 
It quotes Randall, calling him "one of the most noted numismatists in the country."

I hope you find this information helpful.  It comes from genealogical sites and newspapers online now.

Kay Olson Freeman

I live in Philadelphia, 2 blocks from where JC Randall lived. 
WW Randall, his son, lived in an apt. building "The Belgravia" which still stands on Chestnut St., 1-1/2 blocks from me.