Sunday, March 1, 2020

JR Newsletter: 1 March 2020 (487)

John Okerson wrote:

I am looking for guidance before embarking on a multi-year purchase plan of USA Gold Classic Head coins – 1834-1839.   So far, I have not found any numismatic literature or guidance on this short series.  My intention is to acquire both the ¼ and the ½ eagle coins most likely without the mintmarks for the next few years.  I am looking in the XF45-AU55 range but eye appeal is quite important to me.

 Suggestions appreciated.

John Okerson
Arlington, TN

David Perkins wrote:

I was looking at the new threads posted on the PCGS Forum on Friday afternoon, February 28 and came across one titled, “Heads Up Bust Half Collectors.”  This turned out to be a fun one if you enjoy early silver.  It was posted under the PCGS Forum name “Topdollarpaid.”  A link is provided below to this Forum posting.

The post was and is basically a photo of four rolls (!!!) of Capped Bust and Reeded Edge half dollars all laid out on a black background.  There was also a photo of the four rolls (coin tubes) where you could see the edges of the half dollars.  A quick count yielded at least four RE half dollars.  All are “raw” and none were in plastic holders, the “old fashioned way.”  I didn’t count the number of coins total….

If you’ve never done or seen this, laying out 100 or more early silver coins at once is quite a sight.  The last time I did this was when Andy Lustig and I were in the process of purchasing the Warren Miller Collection of Early U.S. Silver Dollars 1794 to 1803, a total of 169 PCGS slabbed early dollars.  All 169 early dollars were laid out on Warren’s dining room table!   

Here are the two photos of the half dollars courtesy of Randy Conway of Sun City Coin in California.  

Here is a link to the posting on the PCGS Forum: .  

Hope you enjoy. 

W. David Perkins
Centennial, CO


Correspondence with Patrick Bain clarified that the links he provided on the most popular ebay items in the categories of bust coinage (16 February JR Newsletter, #485: can be used as bookmarks, as they will always take you to the current, most popular auctions on ebay.  Patrick wrote that he also uses a link for coin books, which he collects:

“Coin publication auctions --> CoinBooks

Most of the time it's just Whitman and Dansco albums, but there's always at least 2 really good books I find at auction every week from it!! really!! Usually rare and out of print coin books.

Note these are auctions, not buy it now items, as auctions can usually be gotten for less than buy it now prices.”

Patrick can customize searches to eliminate albums.  He can modify coin searches for PCGS only or NGC only or a host of other combinations.  He volunteered that if anyone is interested in other searches, just let him know!

Greg Cohen wrote:

Please find linked a Press Release regarding the consignment and upcoming sale of the BigMo Collection of Civil War era coinage. This is a world class specialized collection that features many of the finest known examples of their respective issues. They will be sold on day one of our two-day Regency Auction May 16 and 17, 2020 in New Orleans.

For further information about the collection, please email info(at) For high resolution images, contact the firm’s art director, Patrick Braswell via email at Patrick(at)

Thank you very much for your consideration to these matters.

Greg Cohen
Senior Numismatist
Legend Rare Coin Auctions
Office: 732-935-1168