Sunday, November 27, 2011

JR Newsletter: 27 November 2011 (64)

Bob Stark wrote:

I was at the Baltimore Show on Thursday, November 18 until mid-afternoon. The crowd was moderate. However, what seems new is the increasing national draw. I was glad to see some friends who came from a distance. The number of dealers from the west and mid-west seemed larger to me than just a few years ago. The Stack's auction had more sessions than past years.
Bob Stark
Dick Kurtz wrote:

One bust half anomaly that continues to puzzle me is the presence of "corrugation" on some lower reverses of the 1836 O.105 and O.121 (a shared reverse) and also on my 36-118. It appears that this is not a result of rolling the metal strip prior to cutting the planchets, since the parallel markings are confined the area around the "50 C." Does anyone out there have an idea on how these were formed. Has anyone seen the corrugation marks on other 1836 die marriages or on bust half dates?

Dick Kurtz JRCS 049