Sunday, October 10, 2010

JR Newsletter: 10 October 2010 (5)

This week's contributions:

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David J. Davis wrote:
 For Raymond Hale,
All of the Deluxe editions of the Early U.S. Dime books have been sold and your only alternative there is the secondary market.  Charlie Davis has one for sale in his upcoming auction.  My guess is that it will probably go for about $200.  For counterstamps you need the Brunk book on counterstamps which is still available from the author or various dealers.  You will also need a copy of the Stack's recently concluded 'Americana Sale.'  It included the Tony Terranova collection of counterstamped coins and hands down there has never been anything like it sold at auction.  Should you decide to collect them, it should give a good idea about what they will cost.  I haven't checked prices realized, yet, but I expect that they went for strong money.  It was an opportunity not to be repeated any time soon.
Good luck in your hunt for the bustie coins we all love.
David J.
 Dick Kurtz wrote:
 Concerning the Overton editions, the 4th expanded the number of die stages (or states, if you prefer) which greatly increased the number of pages. To keep the size & weight of the 4th edition at a more reasonable level (though bigger & heavier than the 3rd edition), the pages are thinner, and in my opinion of lesser quality, with decreased photographic details. The 4th also has the newly discovered die marriages, all of which are preturbs. Unfortunately, errors from the 3rd edition were not corrected in the 4th. As an example, 12-107 is known both with and without the die lump over the left (as viewed) wing, but one wouldn't know that by looking at either edition. My 3rd is loaded with similar observations written on many of its pages, so I continue to use that edition. 
 Dick Kurtz #049
 Keith Davignon wrote:
In response to Raymond Hale’s request for books on bust half dollars, I still have a few copies of the first edition of the Counterfeit Capped bust Half Dollar book available for $35 (postage paid). Also, there will be a second edition available by the FUN show. Anyone interested in a copy can e-mail me at keithdavignon (at) As soon as we know the issue price, we will take orders.
 Keith Davignon
David Perkins wrote:
Input (reply) to Raymond Hale Posting in the October 3, 2010 JR Newsletter
 Raymond Hale wrote last week that he was looking to acquire a copy of Early United States Dimes 1796-1837, Deluxe Edition.  Last night I received a catalog for the Charles Davis Mail Bid Sale of Numismatic Literature, October 30, 2010Lot 296 in this sale is copy number 82 of the deluxe signed edition of the dime book, described as in "New condition."  The previous Lot (Lot 295) is a standard copy of the book, "… blue cloth, dust jacket.  As new as they come in unopened original box."
 Charles can be contacted at P.O. Box 547, Wenham, Massachusetts  01984. Phone 978-468-7893.  E-mail Numislit (at)
Secondly, Raymond asked about sources on or about counterstamped coinage.  The primary source for information on counterstamped coinage is Merchant and Privately Countermarked Coins by Gregory C. Brunk, published by World Exonumia Press, C/o Rich Hartzog, P.O. Box 4143CNW, Rockford, IL  61110-0643, e-mail Hartzog (at)  The most current volume of this book was published in 2003.  I believe I recently saw a notice that Rich still has copies of the book for sale.  This book was available as a regular hardbound copy as well as a deluxe, special edition. 
 The predecessor book on countermarked coins was American and Canadian Countermarked coins by Gregory C. Brunk.  This was also published by World Exonumia Press / Rich Hartzog. 
In addition to the book you may want to acquire selected public auction sale catalogs with offerings of counterstamped coinage.  For example, the recent Stack's Americana Sale held in Philadelphia, October 2, 2010 had over 300 Lots of counterstamp U.S. and foreign coins.  This catalog is a "must" in my book for those interested in counterstamped coins.  These Lots are also available for online viewing at the  website.
Lastly, there have been a number of articles (with photos) of counterstamped U.S. Coinage published over the years in the John Reich Journal.  As a JRCS member you can purchase back issues of the Journal (as available).  There is an index online at the JRCS website at  Richard Meaney, our JR News editor can help you with availability of back issues.  And for those of you who are not aware of this, JRCS member Steve Herrman is working on an index for all issues of the John Reich Journal that will be published in the next year. 
 For example, here are two articles on counterstamped early U.S. silver dollars 1795-1803 that I authored:
 JRJ, Volume 14 / Issue 1, December 2001: “Counterstamped Early Silver Dollars, An Update.”  
JRJ, Volume 16 / Issue 2, February 2005:  “Counterstamps on United States Silver Dollars 1794-1804 as Listed in Merchant and Privately Countermarked Coins, by Gregory Brunk.”
 W. David Perkins
Glenn Marx wrote:
I'm trying to find a few folks that might be willing to consider helping me via a sale or trade of bust quarters.  I'm searching for an 1831 B-1 & B-4 quarter, an 1838 B-1, plus a few other.small-size varieties in AU to low mint state grade (nice for grade with minimal marks).  I'm also looking for some early and middle date bust quarter varieties.  If you are a type or variety collector with coins to sell or trade, I can offer common or rare varieties in a number different grades, some condition census.  I can also offer cuds, retained cuds, and other interesting die states - or a Reiver pedigree.  Please send me an email at gmari (at) if you're interested and let me know what you have.  Thanks - Glenn
 Thanks - Glenn Marx
Richard Meaney wrote:
 For anyone looking for copies of books related to bust coinage (and a few other coin series), I recommend checking out the website of Rich Uhrich.  His website is
Rich typically has the bust dime book, Peterson's half dollar book, Logan-McCloskey half dime book, and the Tompkins quarter book in stock. Rich also sells Bill Bugert's new Seated Half Dollar books. Plus he has lots of other books at fair prices.  In fact, I recently ordered one of Peterson's half dollar guides from Rich.