Sunday, November 25, 2012

JR Newsletter: 25 November 2012 (116)

Ron Guth wrote:

I'm looking for a good picture of the 1794 O-104a Half Dollar (one that shows the bisecting crack on the obverse) to post on the PCGS CoinFacts website.  Perhaps one of your members who collects pre-Reich coins would be willing to help.

Thanks and best wishes,

Ron Guth
PCGS CoinFacts - the Internet Encyclopedia of U.S. Coins

Brad Karoleff wrote:

I need to see a few off center strikes on bust dimes and/or quarters before 1827. Images may help especially if they are of raw coins. If anyone can help let me know. Thanks.

Also, the EAC/JRCS annual convention is scheduled for May 2-5 in Newark OH (suburb of Columbus). 

On Thursday evening the happenings will take place.  This is where different rooms are dedicated to the study of specific die marriages for the different series of coins represented at the convention.  The silver room will again have a half dime, dime, quarter, two half dollars, and maybe a dollar die marriage to study.  We are accepting suggestions as to which DM's to study.  Please forward your suggestions to Brad at jrcs19 (at)  I am also looking for volunteers to help in the happening room to show the silver coins.

Currently we have decided to display 1823 O109 for the Capped Bust half dollars.  We have had the 1836 LM1 suggested for the half dime, 1836 B3 for the quarter, and the 1839-O for the reeded edge halves.  Do you have any other nominations?

The latest issue of the John Reich Journal was mailed to the membership Saturday.  Anyone not receiving their issue in two weeks should contact Brad at jrcs19 (at)

It is also time to renew your membership.  There will be a membership renewal form in with your journal.  Please complete it and return it as soon as possible with your check to insure uninterrupted membership and journal delivery.  Your membership number is requested on the form, it is found on your mailing label after your name.

Thank you all for your membership in the society.  How about recruiting a new member to share your enthusiasm for the society?  We can always use a little new blood in the society. 

Happy Holidays to all.  Remember we will be having a regional meeting of the society at the FUN show on Friday.  Hope to see you there.


Winston Zack wrote:

A quick reply to Max's Bust Dime spreadsheet.  I use a Spreadsheet to record my Capped Bust Dime die marriage collection (sorry, I don't really collect the Draped Bust Dime type, so I did not create one).  It is a little small, but it prints on just 1 page and you can record up to 3 examples for each die marriage if you have multiples.  I find it quite convenient for quick scanning when browsing Bust Dimes at shows.


Editor's note:  If you want a copy of the spreadsheet, please send me an email.

Robert Conrad wrote:

Just picked up an 1835 LM-5.1 VF-30 capped bust half dime and when I looked it up, my notes from 2001 said only 2 are known.  JRJ Vol. 14 issue 1 has info on the variety, which is what I noted in my copy of the half dime book. Back then it seemed scarce. It would be fun to see how the availability progressed. Is this still accurate? What's the story?