Sunday, January 21, 2018

JR Newsletter: 21 January 2018 (379)

Mirek Kiec wrote and asked if anyone recorded or took a video of the presentations by Jeff Friedman or Tim Osborne at the recent JRCS meeting held at the FUN Show...or maybe the presenters could be persuaded to write about their presentations for the John Reich Journal?

David Kahn wrote:

At the recent FUN show, we debuted the Second printing of Dick Graham's highly acclaimed, wonderfully useful and incredibly well written book on the Reeded Edge Bust half dollar series.  Only 100 copies were printed, and we sold quite a few at the show, then filled several additional pre-orders upon our return to the office.  

They are now available on our website here  Get your copy while they last!  While you're looking at books, you might want to consider ordering a copy of the Second edition of Contemporary Counterfeit Bust Halves and/or the Second edition of David Schenkman's Civil War Sutler Tokes, both of which are virtually sold out, with no more to be had.  Although we are currently out of Tompkins' Early half dollars, more of those are on the way, so feel free to order.  Remember, buy the book before the coin!