Sunday, February 7, 2016

JR Newsletter: 7 February 2016 (279)

We have two contributions for this week's JR Newsletter.  First, Gary Rosner wrote:

Has a list of all the 10c 1829 Curl Base 2 JR-10’s ever been attempted?  Maybe the authors of the new dime attribution guide did some of this?  If not, wouldn’t it be interesting to do that and get pictures of each?  Also any past provenance on these coins would be good information.

Maybe something could be done similar to what Bill Noyes has done in his books for Large Cents. For the rare varieties, all the known coins are attempted to be included.

What do others think?  Is this worthwhile and would others be interested in getting involved?

If successful then it may be expanded to some of the other rare varieties in any of the series.

A list of the known 1823 quarters comes to mind as another interesting project.

Gary Rosner


Next, something from Brad Karoleff:

I am looking to purchase a complete set (or as complete as possible) of Sheridan Downey auction catalogs. Some of mine have become damaged and lost. I am currently working on a project and would like a reference set on hand.  If anyone has a set they would be willing to part with please contact me with an offer to sell.

In lieu of purchasing a set (if no one wants to sell) I would consider a photocopy set.

I look forward to helping someone "downsize" their library.

Please contact me either by email at bkaroleff(at) or by phone at 513.290.7888.

Brad Karoleff