Sunday, January 8, 2012

JR Newsletter: 8 January 2012 (70)

Louis Scuderi wrote on three bust dime topics:

Some points on the new 1827 JR14 bust dime: Everything matches up except the top of the 1 in the denomination. Can we get a better image of the reverse from Rich Uhrich or at least can we get some confirmation that the top of the 1 is actually flat like in the discovery specimen? Did anyone else notice this?

Additional data on the 1829 JR10 Curl Base Two dimes: Since my article came out in the John Reich Journal, I have confirmed five (5) additional specimens. Two are held by JRCS members and amazingly three additional new specimens have appeared. Two on eBay (one of which was a Buy It Now at $1999.99) and one in a dealer's inventory. That raises the total number of actual confirmed/documented specimens to 40. An additional specimen that I have not seen for a while is closing on eBay this evening (Jan. 6, 2012). I have talked to a high end type collector who tells me he knows of several (all lower grade) in type collections. Hopefully I can get him to give me more information about these additional specimens. I can provide images of each of them for posting for the newsletter but don't want to fill up your inbox. For now I've provided images of the eBay Buy It Now specimen. If anyone knows of additional specimens please provide me with information and images.

Editor's note:  Click on the image to enlarge it.

Some thoughts on the 1821 JR1/2 obverse: I agree with Mike Sherrill. Obverse 1 for 1821 definitely raises some questions about a possible remarriage. I can't ever remember seeing one without the crack and of the four 21JR2's I've owned two seem later than the latest 21JR1's that I have seen. Problem is getting well enough struck and high grade coins to make the remarriage call.

Richard Meaney wrote:

I hope to hear from other collectors and maybe a few dealers on their impressions and experiences during the FUN Show.  I must have looked at a couple hundred capped bust half dimes and was unable to find even one for my collection.  Certainly, this has something to do with the state of my collection, but one can always try!  Fortunately for me, I also collect classic head large cents, so I looked at a lot of those too.  I rejected most specimens even without asking a dealer to remove them from the case for closer inspection.  Those that did look decent from afar were disappointing once I had them in hand.  On my last day at the show (which was Friday), my persistence paid off and I found a really nice large cent for my collection.  I have provided an image of my "keeper" from the 2012 FUN Show: