Sunday, May 26, 2019

JR Newsletter: 26 May 2019 (447)

Michael Sullivan wrote:

I received my JR Journal today (April 2019).   It is an OUTSTANDING (one of the best) issues of the Journal.   Congratulations to the Editor and Contributors.  The “new style” with an upgraded design and printing team is first class.    The “expanded” journal of 52-pages is something our brilliant members can continue to aspire to through contributions.    I started my collection of Early/Bust Coinage in 2010 (neophyte by club standards) focus on Bust Dollars (XF/AU) which subsequently expanded to Early/Bust Half Dollars in late die states (grade flexible) and Capped Bust Half Dollars in very late die states (AU only).   While I prefer larger coins, the Meaney (former Crain) amazing effort on the half dime census almost made me want to buy a half dime …. Maybe a CUD to start.

Best Regards –

Michael J. Sullivan, #729

Greg Cohen wrote:

Please find linked a press release regarding the results of our recently concluded Regency Auction #32 in New Orleans. The two-day auction event was a huge success with many record prices achieved.

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Best regards,

Greg Cohen

Senior Numismatist
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