Sunday, September 9, 2018

JR Newsletter: 9 September 2018 (410)

Bob Feldman wrote with a question about 1827 bust dime emission order:

Topic: 1827 Dime emission order

I read on the internet that the 1827 JR14 Dime was struck after the JR1 and before the JR2. I have in my collection an 1827 JR1 Dime PCGS XF40 late die state that has a light die bulge connecting stars 1, 2 and 3 visible when tilted back and forth under light. It has the later state recutting of the digit 7. On my 1827 JR14 PCGS VG8 I can not find any die sign of a die bulge connecting the stars. This tells me the JR14 (2 known) was the first Dime pairing struck in 1827. 

Does anyone have any additional info on this?

Bob Feldman

Brad Karoleff wrote:

The fall issue of the John Reich Journal is beginning to show some life with a couple submissions. We do need additional articles to fill it out in time for a November publication. Please send something for inclusion. 

I also recently picked up a group of books from the Russell Logan library. Brenda was doing some house cleaning and has decided they need to find a new library for their home. 

We have decided to give JRCS members the first opportunity to purchase them. I will be listing a few each Sunday in the newsletter beginning next week for your consideration. There will be no “private” sales, all will be listed here. First response in my inbox will purchase the lot. Postage will be additional with buyers choice of USPS book rate or priority mail flat rate box. 

I have glanced at the contents and there are many basic die marriage manuals covering both copper and silver issues, auction catalogs from important silver sales including some deluxe editions and other titles of interest for the advanced collector. 

If a lot does not sell I will relist it later at a discount. 

This will be a unique opportunity to purchase a book for your collection from the library of one of our founders and a JRCS Hall of Fame member. 

Brad Karoleff