Sunday, June 30, 2013

JR Newsletter: 30 June 2013 (147)

We have some exciting news from Sheridan Downey:
I thought readers of the JR Newsletter might appreciate an advance copy of the announcement that will appear later in the week on my web site,   The big news is that Henry Hilgards's fabulous collection of bust half errors has been sold to a private collector.  Photos of Henry's coins as well as his descriptions will soon be available on my web site.  I will be out of town this weekend, picking up the still mysterious "Part 3" of my upcoming Mail Bid Sale #37.  I am accepting last minute consignments to the Sale through Wednesday July 3.  Readers not already on my mailing list are welcome to request a copy of the catalogue for MB 37, to be mailed in late July.
Kind regards,
Here is the announcement:
The ANA Convention this year is in Rosemont, IL, a suburb of Chicago, very close to O’Hare Airport. The show opens to the public at 10:00 AM Tuesday August 13 and runs through Saturday August 17. The Convention Hotels surround the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center and may be accessed (at discounted rates) via this ANA web site:


I will be conducting a significant Mail Bid Sale during the Convention. Catalogues will be mailed approximately 2 weeks before the show. The sale will close at 6:00 PM Wednesday August 14, 2013. At this writing there are 80 coins consigned to the sale, including two lovely PCGS XF 45 1795 flowing hair half-dollars:  

First, a 1795/1795 Recut Date O.112 PCGS XF 45 Ex Queller. 

Second, a 1795 O.124 PCGS XF 45:

The “anchor” consignment comes from the collection of Steve Nomura. For more than 20 years Steve put his sharp and practiced eye to good use in selecting beautifully toned coins grading AU and UNC. The provenance of Steve’s coin tells us of their quality: Pittman, Eliasberg, Prouty, De Olden, Meyer, Solomon and (surprise!) George Plimpton, consignor to the astounding Sotheby Sale of June 1992.


Part 2 of the Sale consists of a small group of coins from the estate of my colleague and closest friend, Henry Hilgard.  The family consigned these coins to me along with Henry’s unrivaled collection of major bust half-dollar errors.  Not wanting to earn a 2nd Can of Worms Award, I withheld the announcement of the consignment until negotiations for the outright sale of the primary collection were complete.  Do you remember the summer of 1993 when, after mailing the catalogue for MB 9 – Selections from the Overton Collection – I withdrew the entire consignment and sold the collection, intact, to an anonymous buyer.  (In whose hands the Overton Collection rests today.)   Henry’s set of major bust half errors has been sold to collector and will likewise remain intact.  Henry’s wife and daughters are thrilled with the disposition of the collection.  The importance of Henry’s error collection cannot be overstated.  There are 58 pieces (including a “Chinese” 1826 off center counterfeit) in the “primary collection.”  (Editor's Note:  The following two sentences provided by Sheridan had "place holders" for links, but the links were not I suspect you will need to check Sheridan's website this week for the images and descriptions of Henry's coins) Here is a link to photographs of each coin.  Henry wrote a masterful description of each piece last year.  You will find it here.

Dick Kurtz photo of Wayne Aubel, Van Harvey, Wayne Smith and Lenny Schramm presenting the
Can of Worms Award to Sheridan at the July 1993 ANA Convention in Baltimore.


More consignments are coming the first week of July. I will update the list of consigned coins as soon Lance Keigwin is able to photograph these last minute consignments. The sale is limited to 150 lots. If you would like your bust halves to appear in the sale do not dally. The extended consignment deadline is Wednesday July 3, 2013. Call or email now!  Commission rates are very reasonable. Sellers’ fees range from 0 to 5%, depending upon the scope and value of your consignment.  The buyer’s premium in my sales continues at 10% of the hammer price.

To view a list of the coins currently consigned point your browser here. Photos are available here. Lot numbers and written descriptions will appear after the consignment deadline has passed.


In the meantime you may want to order the latest edition of Steve Herrman’s AMBPR. This invaluable pricing tool is yours for $30. (Postpaid, media mail; add $5 for Priority Mail.) I have 6 copies of the Spring 2013 Edition in stock. First come, first served.  Other books in stock include Edgar Souders Bust Half Fever, the 2nd edition of Davignon’s book on Contemporary Counterfeits, Dick Graham’s recent reference work on die varieties of Reeded Edge Capped Bust Half Dollars and (just uncovered in the dungeon of my garage) Steve Herrman’s 2010 “AMBPR Complete Edition” on CD.  Call or write for current pricing on these items.