Sunday, October 25, 2020

JR Newsletter: 25 October 2020 (521)


In response to Tom Little’s contribution concerning an 1829 Proof half dime, Chuck Allen wrote:


I saw that this coin ships from Orlando FL. I have bought from this seller before and I don’t know him personally but I got his name when I purchased a Norfed Silver coin.  I think he is actually from St Cloud which is southeast of Orlando Intl Airport (MCO).


Chuck Allen



Brad DePew wrote:


I’m just thinking out loud. This might not be the place to post this and if not, I understand. I am hoping some other collectors might have more insight in this than me.


With all the stimulus money creation, it seems inevitable that gold and silver will go up in price.  I am curious about how the coin market will be affected. In particular, I am wondering if older series coins will rise faster than more modern series coins; if Bust series and Seated series will be more sought after than say Barbers or Morgans. Also, I am wondering how rarity will influence price. Will we have a lot of new collectors after bullion value or will we get new collectors who will want to collect variety coins that go after the rarities? It is a matter of understanding competition for the coins we love.


Brad DePew