Sunday, May 21, 2017

JR Newsletter: 21 May 2017 (345)

First, an announcement from Steve Herrman:


The 5th revision of Auction Prices Realized for Certified & Graded Bust Half Dollars 1794-1839 (APRCG) shall be available in late-June.

The Summer 2017 APRCG includes prices realized for all certified and graded Bust Halves sold in major auctions over the past three years, June 2014 through May 2017.

Softbound, approx. 135 pages, $25.00 postpaid. Also available in PDF format for $20.00. Both printed and PDF are $30.00.

Copies will be mailed to JRCS members with an enclosed invoice. Advance payment is not required. Those who contact me before June 1st shall receive a 10% discount.

Note: $1.00 is donated to both the JRCS and the BHNC for each copy sold.

If you have not already done so, please contact Steve at Herrman102(at) to reserve your copy.


Steve Herrman

And a reminder from Brad Karoleff:

JRCS Members,

As we prepare for the upcoming ANA convention and our annual meeting there are a few things I would like everyone to think about:

1.  We need content for the next issue of the JR Journal.  Articles about personal experiences, research papers, personal observations, questions and ???? are all welcome for publication.  Please send your submission(s) to bkaroleff(at)

2.  JRCS has a new updated website.  Steve Herrman previously wrote about it for the JR Newsletter.  He led the committee for the update and did a wonderful job!  Now we have to pay for the efforts.  We have decided to have a bid or buy sale of donated items to raise money to pay for the cost of the work.  We want to keep the donations to a $50 value or more for the sale.  I will be coordinating the effort so please send an email to me at bkaroleff(at) to discuss your donation before sending it.  We are also accepting cash donations should you decide that is more to your taste.  Cash donations are tax deductible as we are a 501(c)(3) educational society.  Cash donations should be sent directly to Dave Perkins at PO Box 3039 Centennial, CO 80161.  We will be selling the items this Fall after the ANA convention.

Donations already on hand include:

Cash of $200 donated by Winston Zack

A complete set of the JRJ donated by the club archives.

An autographed catalog of the Ed Price collection of early dime and quarter eagles sold by Heritage in 2008, donated by Ed Price.

A two volume hardbound set of Silver Dollars and Trade Dollars of the US, A Complete Encyclopedia written by Q. David Bowers donated by Brad Karoleff

Please consider participating by donating something for the sale, bidding or buying from the sale or BOTH!

If you have not already visited the new website, please take the trip soon.

Please give us feedback after your visit either by posting to the JR Newsletter or emailing any of the officers with your comments. 

Happy collecting,