Sunday, July 26, 2015

JR Newsletter: 26 July 2015 (251)

Readers will be pleased with the myriad contributions this week!

Brad Karoleff  wrote:
The latest issue of the John Reich Journal, Volume 25, Issue 2 went out in the mail Friday. Anyone not receiving their copy by August 5th should contact me at bkaroleff(at)

See you at the ANA!

David Finkelstein wrote with another original contribution:  "The Workflow of the First United States Mint - Part 5."  You can view David's article, including pictures, in a pdf format that will open on your computer by simply clicking this link:

Steve Herrman composed a biography of JRCS Hall of Fame honoree Al C. Overton.  You can read the biography as a separate document by clicking this link:  You can view the JRCS Hall of Fame web page at  to view the biographies written so far for honorees.

Glenn Peterson wrote with an update on die marriage and die state studies at the ANA in August:

Hi JRCS members,
    I have heard from members about the selections of coins to study in the die state study to be held on Wednesday evening after the JRCS meeting. A member suggested and will bring his example of Bust Dollar 1799 B23 BB159. He is interested in seeing other die states for this die marriage so please bring along your 1799 B23 if you have one. Bust dime collectors have expressed interest in studying 1834 JR 6 which has a nice progression of cuds developing on the reverse. I am fortunate to have an XF45 example in my collection so bust dime members please bring your 1834 JR 6's to compare.. A reminder for bust half dime collectors please bring your 1829 LM 6's for study and bust quarters please bring your 1836 B1's for study. I have a number of die states of the 1836 B1 and am fortunate to have the remarriages of 1829 LM 6 so we can compare die states.
   I am looking forward to a great meeting and enjoyable time socializing with my JRCS friends.
Glenn Peterson

Ralph Muñoz wrote with a request for fellow collectors of capped bust dimes:

I am baffled as to where to find price information for various grades of the JR8 1829 Bust Dime (in addition to all other varieties).  Is there a price guide or a reference you may guide me to? 

Ralph Muñoz
JRCS #30 and Life Member #20

Next, we have a contribution from Barry Sunshine:

To all bust dime folks,

Winston Zack, Louis Scuderi, Michael Sherrill, and many other bust dime enthusiasts are very pleased to announce a new bust dime book that will be available at ANA. After nearly two years in the works and with contributions by many of the leading experts on bust dimes, the authors have created "Bust Dime Variety Identification Guide."  The book will assist collectors and dealers in attribution of all bust dimes through easy-to-follow explanations and color pictures. The book offers much more, too.  Readers will appreciate the summary information for each year of mintage, discussion of number of estimated known examples, explanation of die marriages of known Proofs, and updated rarity ratings by die marriage.  There are color pictures for each die marriage and a lot more information. This will be a must-own book for all bust dime collectors, cherry pickers, dealers in bust coinage, and anyone else that wants to learn more about bust dimes.

The book is at the printer right now and will be available at the Wednesday, August 12th JRCS meeting at the ANA show.  If you can’t make the meeting, the book will also be available for $49 per copy at two tables on the bourse floor:  David Wnuck Numismatics (table #920) and David Kahn Rare Coins (table #724). After the show, books will be available from Rich Uhrich Rare Coins, Americana Rare Coins, David Wnuck Numismatics, and David Kahn Rare Coins.

An announcement flyer is attached.  Just click this link to open the file on your computer:

Many thanks,
Barry Sunshine


Finally, something from the editor:

Readers may have noticed that with the newest format of the JR Newsletter email version (not internet blog version), I've been trying to include images of different coins each week as the "header" to the newsletter.  I would welcome readers' contributions of obverse/reverse bust coin photos (formatted the way the header image is formatted) for potential use in future issues.  I have zero nice images of early dimes or early dollars, hint hint!

Also, I will be assisting W. David Perkins at his table (#617) at the ANA for his sealed bid auction and fixed price sale of capped bust half dimes.  If JR Newsletter readers want to come by and talk about any subject related to capped bust half dimes with me, I welcome the opportunity!  I should be at table #617 on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.  David can get a hold of me on other days to come by the table if you happen to stop by when I am not there.

Richard Meaney